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    Venice Carnival

    Anything else? Two things to do before you die: Venice Carnival. Burning Man. – Ana Sarbu

    Photo: @venice_carnival_official
    Photo: @venice_carnival_official

    The Carnival of Venice is an annual event staged before the beginning of Lent in Venice, Italy. Lent is a 40-day period of religious observance in the Christian religion and is meant to be a solemn time of reflection—which is why cities around the world throw Carnivals to celebrate before Ash Wednesday, and Venice is no exception.

    This raucous festival first took place in the 11th century before falling out of fashion in the 18th century but was recently revived in 1979—the rest is history! Ever since its medieval beginnings, nobles and peasants alike would don masks to hide their identities. While only the wealthy could afford the best costumes, people weren’t defined by their status in Venetian society during the brief festival period.

    The tradition continues to this day, and it’s all happening again, initially on February 11-12, 2017 and officially from February 18-28, 2017. The initial weekend is a quasi-official kick off to the festivities, but most events are planned for the official Carnival week. Participants dress in intricate costumes and will wear masks to guarantee anonymity. Festivities include decadent masquerade balls, hilarious dinner shows and colorful parades down Venice’s winding streets and waterways. The Carnival takes place in 5-star hotels, centuries-old palaces and even pirate boats. Events will vary from bar crawls to grand balls. The price for admission ranges between $30 and $900 USD for each one. Try to attend at least one ball in a palace, like the Carnival Grand Masquerade Ball in Palazzo Flangini. While the parades are open to the public, entrance to the grand balls and banquets should be arranged beforehand. Order tickets soon as several are already sold out. Follow Venice Carnival on Instagram.

    Address: 374 Calle Larga, San Marco 30124-Venice, Italy
    Phone: +39 041-5239979

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