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    Tracks You Should Be Listening To In June

    These are the top tracks you should listen to this month. Songs and words by Tom Flynn. Get his latest EP, “Missions Vol. 2,” out now. Follow Tom on SoundCloud, Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Into Orbit on Facebook.

    Corniglia “Oh My Love”

    If you’re not gonna use a kick drum in a track, the track better be great, and this is!

    David Holmes “$165 Million + Interest”

    Genius music producer and film scorer. David Holmes is the one.

    Talking Heads “Sugar On My Tongue”

    I feel like I’m in Camden sitting next to some cool people when I hear this.

    SZA and Travis Scott “Love Galore”

    Low-end beauty, I like its minimal instrumentation.

    Tom Flynn “Galaxy Gear”

    Just some track I did a while ago, not bad.

    Slick Rick “Children’s Story”

    If you know, you know.

    Peter Abdul “Don’t You Know”

    Nigerian Disco, absolute quality record! Get on down!

    H.E.R. “Say It Again”

    Gabi Wilson has one of the best voices in music. Beautiful.

    D.D Dumbo “Brother (Steez Remix)”

    Just a song that gets me, tres dope.

    Isabel “Patterns”

    I like this—good clean mix and nice music.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.

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