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     Tracks You Should Be Listening To In April

    These are the top tracks you should listen to this month. Songs and words by Tom Flynn. Get his latest EP, “Gluten Free Lobster,” out now. Follow Tom on SoundCloud, Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and Into Orbit on Facebook.

    Mobb Deep ft. Lil’ Kim “Quiet Storm (Remix)”

    There’s something about this vibe that feels like a cultural movement. Kinda how people feel right now.

    Silicon “God Emoji”

    Modern, fresh and breezy. This one’s for you on your journeys.

    Sepalcure Rochelle Jordan “Fight for Us”

    Still hurt from that break up? This will soothe you.

    Dedication “Let Me Rock You”

    If you never had the pleasure of going to Mangiami in New York, this will give you an idea of what you missed. Google it.

    Kendrick Lamar “untitled 08 90.06.2014”

    Two Tonnes of funk and still kicking it!

    Masta Ace Incorporated “The I.N.C. Ride”

    Sometimes when I dream of walking around swap meets in Cali, this is what would be playing.

    A Tribe Called Quest “We The People…”

    Strip club music at 9 am.

    King T “Monay”

    Back to Cali. Lazy Sundays. A stone cold jam.

    Clara Hill Meets King Britt “Did I Do Wrong – Instrumental”

    This is King Britt in one of his disguises. A genius producer, very forward thinking.

    Jazzanova “Believer – Funkhaus Sessions”

    Summer is just around the corner: drop the top and drive around to this!


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.

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