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    Travel Guide: St. Bart’s

    Best place for a quick weekend away? St. Bart’s for some serious R&R or the Hudson Valley (including in the winter!) – Stevie Benanty

    Photo: cmtalleyrand Instagram
    Photo: cmtalleyrand Instagram

    St. Bart’s is truly a dream place: perfect beaches, luxurious hotels, trendy nightlife, and outstanding food. When coming to St. Bart’s all you need to remember is that it is, after all, France. So of course the food matches the expectations. There are ample places to go on the island but do yourself a favor and don’t miss the ornate outdoor dining area at Tamarin, built around a towering century-old tamarin tree. You feel like you’re sitting amongst a very stylish group of trees (if that’s even possible!) yet there is still a low key vibe here. Tropical decadence at its finest, the restaurant serves a lunch and dinner menu to a refined yet fun clientele. We recommend the tuna tartare and king prawns for dinner and for lunch, for something completely unique, try the lobster hot dog. Tamarin is closed on Mondays all day and Tuesdays for lunch. Reserve a table here.


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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