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    Shelsky’s of Brooklyn

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Shelsky’s on Court Street in Brooklyn has the most amazing smoked salmon, and I like how the bialys are lighter and don’t compete with the fish. I’m also equally happy to eat their lox with some crème fraiche on a latke! Oh my god, that’s my heaven! – Rachel Lew


    Shelsky’s of Brooklyn is a traditional delicatessen and appetizing shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Partially designed to look like an old-fashioned New York deli, Shelsky’s sets itself apart with its minimalist edge. It’s a relatively new addition to Brooklyn’s deli scene and is especially renowned for its cold smoked, hot smoked and cured fish, and its delectable deli sandwiches. Sure, Shelsky’s makes great bagels and lox, but they have almost 20 sandwiches to choose from, and they’ve all been given hilariously inventive names, so why not try something new? Go for El Vincente, made with sturgeon, cream cheese, jalapeños and heirloom tomato on a bagel; The Tribute, a combination of smoked whitefish salad, horseradish cream cheese and wasabi on bialy; or Shelsky’s Pastrami, an in-house special made with pastrami salmon, mustard herring and sauerkraut on pumpernickel. They also offer the deli classics, including hot pastrami, corned beef, potato salad and four different kinds of knishes. Most menu items cost between $7-$20, but there’s no need to make the trip there as Shelsky’s will even deliver locally. And as it is especially renowned for its smoked fish, don’t forget to order a few varieties: Eastern Gaspe Nova, mild Scottish salmon, belly lox and fancy lake sturgeon are only a fraction of the tantalizing options, and they all range from $5-$17 per quarter pound. Check out Shelsky’s Instagram for a sneak peek at all the good eats, and stop by the next time you’re around Cobble Hill.

    Address: 141 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
    Phone: +1 718-855-8817

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    stevie benanty

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