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    Horoscope - Scorpio

    Scorpio October 23–November 21: Set aside and furnish an area your Scorpio lover can use for meditation. Use decorative themes from places known for their spiritual culture—such as Morocco or Bali—it will help them connect with their deeper truths. Visiting locations that hold a mystery could be a dream vacation for you both.  Fond of history and the arts, gifts that combine these loves will show them you understand what they like. Purchase an astrology chart, Tarot or psychic reading for them and they will know you understand who they are because these areas are ruled by Scorpio. They love earthly gifts as well. The women love colored jewels while the men favor rich looking materials such as handmade furniture. If you want to get sexy with your love, find out what their fantasies are and then play them out on a special night. Build up the intensity by designing secrets you share as clues throughout the day for the ultimate surprise!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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