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    Pozzetto Gelato

    Pozzetto’s gelato is so popular that they now have two locations in Paris—just 20 meters away from one another in the Marais neighborhood. The Marais is a hub of bars, restaurants, and trendy shops that sit in a multi-cultural community that’s immersed in art.

    The shop’s authentic Italian gelato is made with a philosophy of sophistication and simplicity, even more evident by the fact that they only offer 12 gelato and sorbet flavors and espresso and cappuccino drinks in one size only.

    The founders of Pozzetto say their inspiration comes from travel, to be exposed to new flavors and ingredients. They have special monthly flavors—Pumpkin was recently featured—and offer light favorites like strawberry or hearty dessert dishes like nocciola. They also focus on incorporating real Italian flavors into their desserts like whole pistachios and other fresh, local ingredients. Prices for this sweet delight range from $4.75 to $7 per cone.

    Prices for gelato from $4.75 to $7 per cone. Be aware that long lines form in the summer!

    Follow the gelateria on Instagram.

    Address: 39 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris, France and 16 rue Vielle du Temple Gelato Caffe & Salato
    Phone: +33 1 42 77 08 64

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