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    Tone your body like a model at Physique 57

    What’s your signature workout move? Physique 57 – Caraline Zeizel

    Photo: Physique 57 Instagram
    Photo: Physique 57 Instagram

    Efficient. Effective. Fun. That’s the philosophy of Physique 57, Jennifer Vaughan’s fitness revolution that’s challenging the Instagram generation to switch off their smartphones and get ripped. Physique 57’s barre-based workout blends cardio, resistance training and stretching to prove that rock-hard abs and toned biceps are no longer the domain of supermodels and Hollywood A-listers. With five locations in three countries—New York City, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai and Bangkok—Physique 57’s super weapon is interval training, which speeds up metabolism, targets muscles like triceps, quads, and abs, and supercharges the fat-burning process.

    Users can stream workouts online and train at home, something that’s helped the brand carve out a unique role in the fitness industry and capture a young, health-conscious demographic. Virtual gym goers can subscribe to the website’s on-demand video platform, which costs $57 a month after a free seven-day trial. Those who want to workout in a conventional setting can also book a class online or visit Physique 57’s Instagram page.

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