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    OMG a conversation is one year old today! Thank you to everyone for your support in growing this community as fast as we have. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and the trajectory we are on—good feels all around, but the most exciting part is that it cannot grow without a communal base of engaged people, so that is what I am most proud of.

    To date, our social networks have a combined following of over 25,000 people (WOW!!) and many more active users on the site. In just a year, we’ve featured over 70 interviews on the site, which means there were over 70 opportunities to read new voices and learn about new perspectives. I have learned so much about people, the world, viewpoints, and of course, recommendations on where to go and what to do all over the world. In our current climate, it’s more important than ever to practice tolerance and more importantly, show interest in how other people live and think. Whether I’m reading an interview about a famous DJ or an up and coming photographer or a budding entrepreneur and so on, I am learning what makes people tick. I am hearing about personal struggles and the will to keep going. I am finding out how you all kick it in your free time. What makes you inspired. What your ah-ha moments were. How you turned mistakes in positives, ideas into businesses, passions into careers.

    Through you, I’ve learned how to keep going and where to go.

    When we first launched, I was so happy to even see a few users ‘hearting’ posts (which you can do—along with saving posts for later reading—when you sign up for an account!) and now posts get hundreds or thousands of hearts. That shows me that you are liking the content you are seeing but I know that it’s important to not be stagnant. Starting and running a business is all about evolving, whether it’s forwards, backwards or sidewards. I can easily see what works and what doesn’t and paying attention to the data is crucial. What began as a few variations of a standard lifestyle and business questionnaire that people all over the world answered, has now become tailored interviews as well as the sharing of articles, recipes and travel guides. I am working hard to bring more voices to the site in addition to question and answer forms—and on more topics that matter like transitioning from military to civilian life (coming soon!). I want this site to be a one-stop-shop for all of your needs: where to travel this summer, what to cook for dinner tonight, uplifting business advice, how to do XYZ (like sell your home—upcoming), important political headlines (also coming soon!) and more, all from up-and-comers in their fields or experts. This is a platform for women and men of all ages and is meant to be attainable and aspirational at the same time. That’s how I live my life—always reaching! #GOALS, amiright? But this platform only works if I get feedback on what you want more of and less of, so please message me privately or post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let me know.

    Or if any of you wants to contribute an op-ed, article or be interviewed, right this way!

    I am so looking forward to see how a conversation continues to take shape, especially as I take on new projects now that I am living in London. Thanks for your collaborations and love the last year!

    Onwards and upwards!

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    Stevie Benanty


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.

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