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    Horoscope - Libra

    Libra September 23–October 22:  One of the sharper dressers of the zodiac, gifts such as scarves, ties, rings and shoes will all be appreciated by the practical minded Libra—but do not be fooled for Libras love their share of romance. What matters to them is the imagination and actions you take in the way you express your love for them. Sweep them off their feet with a day planned for two around their curiosities. Taking in a show at a museum, theater or art gallery are the type of refined interests that catch their attention. They love luxury. Impress them by booking a reservation at a fancy restaurant and hotel for afterwards. As the sign represented by the scales, they also have another side to their gift outlook. Scoring tickets to watch their favorite sports team will make them equally as happy. Throw in a private tailgate for two beforehand, complete with flowers and bubbly libations, and you have won them over.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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