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    So it’s been quite the three weeks since I moved abroad to the South of France. Without getting into too many boring details, my husband and I have been in and out of hotels since we got here—not the plan—due to some issues at his house. Twice we moved in and twice we had to move out (not easy to find last minute accommodation around here in the middle of August!) and now we’ve moved out permanently. But all is not lost—we are in an apartment right across from the beach in Antibes, which is our favorite town in the whole South of France. We’ve long fantasized about spending real time here or eventually buying our own beach apartment here, so this is a great test run. We both think that it was for the best. Life works in funny ways, you just have to find the silver lining in every situation! What bothered me most about being in hotels for so long was not having access to a kitchen. For the few days we were in Dan’s house I had full reign of this huge French kitchen and I felt so at home! It’s only fun for so long to eat out every meal. When we had to move out the last time, my one requirement was that we find an place with a kitchen so I could cook all of the delicious fresh treats that I’m picking up in the incredible food markets here (you can check out Instagram to see photos of some of the produce!). It’s like a dream to walk around the fresh markets just oohing and aahing. I have never been so inspired in my life and since we’ve been in Antibes, I’ve practically cooked every meal. A turkey sandwich for lunch pales in comparison to homemade mushroom ravioli or shrimp salad or seared entrecote steak.  Two new recipes are on the site this week with many more to come soon!

    We will be departing France in two weeks to move to our permanent new home so I’ll be sharing details of that shortly. Any guesses??

    Rachel Lew_color
    Rachel Lew

    On Tuesday we are featuring a really cool entrepreneur, Rachel Lew, founder of Helios + Selene, an upcoming accessible yet luxury intimate apparel brand that focuses on bringing innovative and beautiful products to curvy women. The brand is set to launch in early 2017. I was introduced to Rachel as a recommendation from my sister and I’m so glad for that. Rachel is set to make her mark in a still under served market that has the opportunity to be massive. She is not only smartly taking advantage of gap in the market, but she’s making sure to use ethical practices for their materials and factories and she’s doing her part to make all women feel beautiful. Love it! Rachel also tells us about her love affair with Paris, exploring the good ol’ USA for the first time, and where to get the best bagel and lox in Brooklyn (spoiler alert: it’s my favorite place, too). Get to know Rachel tomorrow on the site!

    As always, check out the About page for more information on the site and the About Stevie page for more info on me. Feel free to privately message me or even submit yourself or a friend to take a conversation!

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    Stevie Benanty


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