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    I’m going to get right to it: I’M MOVING TO LONDON—in two days! And I can’t wait! My husband and I have been living abroad for almost exactly six months now—four of which have been in Lisbon—and it’s finally time to move on. In my end of year recap, I explained why Lisbon hasn’t been the place for us and why we were looking for greener pastures in order to grow our businesses and lives.

    Once we realized all of the things we didn’t really care about in our move to Lisbon (like good weather), it was so much easier to prioritize what was important and necessary to us. Like I always say, learning what you don’t want is just as—if not more—important than knowing what you do want. Shift your perspective and it’s life changing. My husband and I are from Washington D.C. and New York respectively—both major cities—and it became painfully obvious within days that we needed to be in another dynamic, international city to survive. Once it hit us, we realized London was a no brainer, especially since we already have some family, friends and business contacts there. It will be similar to New York in a lot of ways and it will also be really different and I’m thrilled to be able to discover which will be which. London is going to be fresh and energetic and competitive and fast paced. Both my husband and I will be able to hit the ground running on new projects the minute we arrive, which we are so looking forward to. After all, we’ve been the better part of our time here working non-stop (one of the few pros). It’s been a really crazy few months, ending with the sad passing of my Grandmother—exactly one month ago from the day we move to London this week, which I feel is a sign—so London feels like a true new beginning. I am proud but astounded at how much Dan and I have accomplished in just four weeks: from getting our new Visas to finding an apartment in London plus a quick trip to Zermatt this past weekend, we have not missed a beat. This is in spite of the terrible grief process I’ve been going through, but I am happier to be pushing forward than to be wallowing. We didn’t move so far just to stand still. When we moved over the summer, we were eager start the next chapter of our lives together, but the last few months were instead a holding pattern for one reason or another. But now we are wide open and ready to begin the next chapter in London with no responsibilities other than to each other and our businesses. It’s truly freeing and exciting.

    We’re peacing out in two days and I can’t remember when the last time I was looking this forward to something so much. Our furniture is on the moving truck, the umbrellas are packed and our kitties have their pet passports. London, we are coming for you!!

    Follow my new London adventures on Instagram and reach out if you want to connect there!

    P.S. Thank you Julia for my brand new London avatar, complete with Hunter boots and that Gucci Union Jack sweater I want but could never afford!

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