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    Kasané, a line of jewelry from Hong Kong

    Please tell us more about your business or project: Kasané is a fashion jewelry business providing affordable high quality pieces to the fresh and creative modern woman. I design our pieces to be stacked, layered mixed and matched. The versatility of Kasané is highlighted by its wearer. Whether you wear it to make an outfit or compliment one is your decision. We are the ultimate advocate for your individual style. 

    After graduating college I spent a couple years working in the auction industry as a gemologist and cataloguer, getting to really experience first hand some incredible jewelry that is both rare and beautiful. Having always been a very creative mind, I decided it was time to move on and further my skills in the design realm to better equip myself for my next steps. I moved to New York and took a Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing course, as well as a hand-drawn jewelry design class.

    While all of my previous experience in the industry is with fine jewelry, it was always apparent to me that the jewelry I wanted to buy and wear were not always affordable options. I decided to launch Kasané because I felt there was a real place for it in the market. With Hong Kong and Asia being so heavily saturated with fine jewelry and costume-jewelry options, it became increasingly obvious to me that there was no middle ground. One of the biggest lessons I learned during my time in the auction industry is the importance of top craftsmanship, something I really strive to provide at Kasané. To me, it is important that fashion jewelry is durable and long-lasting, which to be honest, is hard to find in the market. Kasané offers a re-plating service for free once within the first year, and then following that, re-plating with a small charge. We like to wear our jewelry regularly, regardless of what we are wearing, or where we are going – pieces that are approachable, no-fuss, and comfortable. Kasané aims to provide pieces suitable for that. – Karishma Sani

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    Photo: Kasané


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