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    A Californian woman of all trades

    Please tell us more about your business or project: I do a lot of things to earn my keep, but since I’m better with pictures than words, I’ve provided a little illustration to make it easier to understand…
    Julia Bio
    The three separate aspects of what I do are:

    1.     I’m in the midst of launching an artisan nostalgic frozen dessert company called Popsy and we’re going to be selling delicious, healthy ice pops from June 1st. The business is in Los Angeles, but we hope within a few years we’ll be national! People always say these things take longer than you think, but I don’t want to believe them. 

    2.     I am also an illustrator – and did all of the illustrations for this site, which has been so much fun! I draw people, places and things as well as doing hand lettering. I particularly like drawing food – go figure. My illustrations were on the San Francisco Chronicle website for my friend Chasa’s wedding over the summer and I almost died I was so excited!

    3.     Last but not least, I do freelance design and marketing – that means logo design/branding, general design, do various website and digital projects, marketing strategy – all of the design and marketing things, but on the creative side. I was in-house doing design and marketing at hospitality groups until the summer of 2014, when I went out on my own! It was super scary to do, but has been absolutely amazing. 

    Doing so many things can be exhausting but ultimately is so rewarding. I work for myself, set my own schedule and since I am a bit of a free bird/free spirit, my life is super happy this way!”  

    The best ice pops under the sun, made in LA with real fruit and unrefined sweeteners. Mostly local. Mostly organic. 100% delicious! – Julia Taylor-Brown

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.


    1. Let us know when they will be sold outside of California! Always looking for without added sugars and natural!
    2. YUM !!…The journey is part of the fun Julia and there is a huge marketplace for these pops here in CT and everywhere, as people want more virgin foods these days.
      I look forward to tasting the “best ice pops under the sun”!!!
      1. Thanks Lane for the support, and I love hearing that there’s a huge market for them! Can’t wait to have you try them 🙂

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