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    Become enlighted with Jivamukti Yoga

    Photo: Jivamukti Yoga

    Jivamukti Yoga was created in 1984 by gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life. Three decades later, Jivamukti has studios around the world: U.S. locations are in Jersey City, the Catskills, and Union Square, Manhattan. Worldwide locations include Barcelona, Moscow, Berlin, and Sydney. The Manhattan studio includes a spa for massage and private classes, a boutique of yoga gear and a vegan café. Classes are spiritually focused and appeal to serious yoga students. Bright studios can get crowded with fans, so arrive to open studio classes early. Open classes are $22 each. New students can register online. Follow Jivamukti on Instagram to get inspired.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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