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    Ivan Ramen

    A post shared by Ivan Orkin (@ramenjunkie) on

    Though he hails from Long Island, Ivan Orkin learned about Asian cooking working in and eventually owning his own ramen restaurant in Japan. After cooking in Japan for around nine years, he brought his knowledge back to Manhattan in 2014 and opened Ivan Ramen on the city’s Lower East Side. Orkin blends the discipline of a fine dining kitchen with this wildly popular Asian fast food staple of ramen. That means the eatery makes its own noodles and broth and locally sources the meat, fish, and vegetables it uses in its dishes. One of the secrets to his delicious broth is including well-marbled pork products, such as bacon and pork belly. Ivan also uses not-so-typical garnishes for his soup like roasted tomatoes which give the soup even more of a umami flavor. The result has earned Orkin a showcase on Netflix’s “Chef’s Table.”

    The menu at Ivan Ramen features a variety of ramen dishes as well as intriguing cold and hot appetizers, such as whipped edamame hummus and tofu Coney Island with yellow mustard and miso mushroom chili. We recommend the fried chicken appetizer. Ramen prices start at $15. Appetizer prices start at $9.

    Ramen prices start at $15. Appetizer prices start at $9.

    Book your table online and follow the restaurant on Instagram.

    Address: 25 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002
    Phone: (646) 678-3859

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