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    Horoscope - Virgo

    Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd: Being able to place distance between our emotions and decisions is the domain ruled by your astrology sign. We all need a bit of this but you even more so in 2017. You fought tough battles last year to gain the internal ground to love, value and respect yourself first. This year you get to enjoy the gifts for your efforts! This is especially true for career endeavors—something patient Virgo’s have been anticipating and can now feel. Your moment has arrived but it will be slow and steady growth. Like an accountant, which many Virgo’s are, you will enjoy seeing your money start to grow, allowing you the freedom to start implanting the plans you have been exploring through much of 2016. Family also gets a boost. You will have fun and forge stronger ties to those you love. Whether you are young or old, in a relationship or not, your 2017 romance forecast is the same: apply new energy, approaches and attitudes to it all. You will be experiencing extra oomph throughout the year to allow you the space to try new things. Virgo’s are usually reserved, but 2017 is asking you to wear a different mask—one that is open to having fun, being social and most importantly, relaxing to allow life to happen!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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