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    Horoscope - Pisces

    Pisces February 19th – March 20th After a period of issues that could have depleted your energy, you are back in the driver’s seat and ready to rev your engine this month! As a Pisces, your talent is your ability to immediately feel and understand what someone else is experiencing. As you know, this can be a gift or a source of angst when you can get over loaded. You also make great marketers and graphic designers, but you may be reluctant to fully express yourself because business is usually not a motivator for Pisces. In September, you get your cake and the chance to eat it, too! And make no doubts about it my double-sided fish—you deserve every ounce of good fortune the universe wants to bestow on you. From having some extra shine to attract a lover or new business or executing a big advertising campaign, apply your legendary Pisces mindset and creativity in order to find your happy place! The color blue makes Pisces feel right at home, the closer to the hues of the ocean, the better. Surround yourself with shades of the sea. Think about investing in a sound machine that mimics water to help lull you to sleep to connect with your dreams!


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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