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    Pisces February 19th – March 20th: You have an interesting mix of astrology in April, my dear Pisces. The beginning of the month has a lot of focus on love. Whether you are in a relationship or seeking one, your efforts get a boost. Your family and friends also get to enjoy this vibe because you will be in a good mood with everyone! What an ideal place for a Pisces! Aside from the planetary help, you have been doing your own internal work to make sure you are valued and this has translated into a long over-due confidence and extra swagger in your step. Congratulations! But do not get too comfortable, because the universe sets up the rest of April to give your career dreams a next step up. Extra doses of energy are coming at you because your spirit and the way you want to life your life are starting to make their acquaintance again!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.
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