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    Horoscope - Leo

    Like the regal Lion who strives for harmony and peace within their pride, the same could be said of you in July. This month Leos may have to act as arbitrator in the home and the work place. This is usually no problem, but you have already been dealing with the emotional baggage of others for a while and it may be time to finally get rid of those types of cares and move on! The planets show a month of change: any area of your life can be touched by these influences, but the best way to take advantage of this time is to finish the old projects in order to bring in the new. If you are thinking of moving on to a new position, make sure all projects are completed and leave knowing no one can bad mouth you after you are gone. If you’re moving to a new apartment or home, make sure all rent or tax issues are settled so they don’t come back and bite you. After all is done, it’s time to spruce up your personal goodies! New makeup or jewelry always makes a Leo shine. Combine these with a fresh outfit to hit the party scene to blow off some steam. If clubs are not your style, get gussied up and hit the library or even the grocery store. You never know who you will find in the vegetable aisle!

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    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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