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    Horoscope - Leo

    Leo July 23rd – August 22nd: The planet of Jupiter is known in astrology for its good luck and the abundance it can provide in the area of our life where its influence touches—and this big planet has started to settle into the sign of Leo. How lucky the Lions of the zodiac are for the next year and a half! Jupiter is so big it takes a bit of time to move on, but that speaks to the good fortune you can experience during this time. This will affect all aspects of your life, therefore no shying away from opportunities when the present themselves—and they will. The one downside that can come from feeling so big about ourselves is the feeling of over blown pride, ego and confidence. Do not get me wrong, you will have large amounts of it all but that is where the problem lies for Leo. Your sign is the ruler of these animal urges we must all overcome to properly function, and here is your chance. The gentle touch—and not the big roar—of the lion is what is needed in your daily dealings in December. Whether it is for family, friends or work, the approach is the same. Saying or writing a hearty thank you and please are two simple words that can carry a lot of good when delivered by a Leo.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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