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    Gemini May 21st – June 21st: If you have been thinking of taking a mini-vacation, February offers you a wonderful time to get away, Gemini! And like your glyph, The Twins, if you have been thinking of a few location options, this month says to take advantage of it all! If jetting off for foreign digs keeps you mellow, you might want to make sure you stay away when your ruler, the planet of Mercury, will go into retrograde mid-month. Everyone experiences missed communications and appointments, as well as technology glitches, but this especially touches you, so find ways to not let these three-times-a-year occurrences get to you. Another ideal way to use this down time is to pursue your interests further by taking classes or talking to mentors to enhance your skill set, so you are additionally prepared when it comes time to present your ideas to others. If you feel you are ready to unleash your genie to the world then the first few weeks of February will help show off your razor-sharp mind and talents!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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