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    Horoscope - Capricorn

    Capricorn December 21st – January 19th This can feel like a month of tough calls that you need to make. This can be especially true for issues dealing with family and home, two words cherished by a Capricorn. You might need to weigh whether you want to break with family and move far away to pursue new opportunities and make your home or decide to leave the nest and settle nearby. This is all about doing what makes your life worthwhile. Part of this urge to flee stems from a need to get away from people who want to control you. Capricorns want to be the ones in charge and if you are feeling like you are not, than this is one of the first places you need to cast an eye. Lovers and work might be adding to the pressure this month as well. Your sign is ruled by Saturn and Saturn’s role in astrology is to help us grow by testing our nerves and reserves, but who always leaves a gift if we decide to rise to the chosen task. Get a jump on your prize by treating yourself to some new jewelry—Capricorn’s love anything dug from the Earth!


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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