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    Capricorn December 21st – January 19th:  You have been working hard to understand what will make you happy, Capricorn. This focus has been on love, family, and career and in June, you get the chance to start to express how you feel and what you want to do next. Usually, speaking truths is not a dilemma for the intelligent Sea Goat, but June requires you to use a gentle touch and not the blunt force often associated with your powerful convictions. I say this with love and respect because this is a wonderful aspect of your personality when applied to areas such as career, but when we are speaking of communicating with the heart to loved ones, well that’s all I want: for you to use your heart. I will add that using this approach to your work endeavors and colleagues will reap benefits as well. June also supplies some free time where you can start to truly feel an internal relaxation that helps you express your feelings more easily. You have been working hard to understand and get to this moment so go get your reward!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.
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