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    Horoscope - Cancer

    Cancer June 21st – July 22nd You have a full plate this month Cancer. Your home life—which is also the safe place for the Crab—can have you feeling hectic and unorganized, words a Cancer hates. This will be a double whammy if you work from home. This also holds true if you have plans to move or list your home for sale. If possible, you may want to consider waiting a month or so when the astrology aspects are more favorable for deal making. Part of this pressure is coming from your important family and love relationships, where there are issues that have been building because of a reality you may have been reluctant to face. It’s time to take the rose colored glasses off and see your world realistically! When you do, you will be able to exchange truths with those you love with a positive approach instead of an aggressive attitude. 

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.
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