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    Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd): It has been a tough go of it lately, Cancer, but there will be no time to dwell on the many twists and turns you have encountered, because things are starting to heat up in your career sector—in a good way! Your sign loves to stay home and play house, but this month may have you conflicted as progress at work can take up a lot of your attention. Your loved ones could also feel like they are being neglected with your focus diverted to other matters. If you find a promotion, extra cash or a raise comes your way, share the goodies with them—it will help make up for their perceived slight. But do not forget to reward yourself, too! Your health needs to be maintained during this period. Take up yoga or meditation or anything else that keeps your spiritual work grounded with your material endeavors.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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