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    Cancer June 21st – July 22nd: June is a mixed bag for the astrology sign of Cancer. One part of this month’s agenda will be to maintain your focus on your career because opportunities still want to make themselves available to you. Family responsibilities will lessen, giving you the chance to pursue work during the week and to enjoy your weekends with loved ones—or to take some solitary time to explore spiritual pursuits. This is where it gets interesting. You have been understanding the spirit and the enlightenment we need to embrace in order to grow as well-rounded individuals and now you get the chance to possibly combine the gold coin with your heart. If you have been thinking about how to share your spiritual viewpoints with others, this is your time. Whether it is trying to bring a higher standard of ethics to your business practices or you want to learn how to enhance your healing powers to possibly turn this talent into a profession, June is yours to start!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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