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    Horoscope - Aries

    The planet Uranus will be touching your sign in July, Aries. This will bring you a power pack of energy, especially in regards to innovation and community building. Aries are known for their vigor and have the stamina of a young person regardless of their age, but in July this sensation gets placed into overdrive. Those of you who want to accomplish big things need to remember to delegate by letting others help you with certain tasks. Notice I say certain because some responsibilities an Aries will never relinquish—and that is fine—but this month, to get the most out of having your imagination and inspiration ignited, your mind needs to be focused on those areas that make your heart and spirit happy and not taken up with mundane duties that others can easily handle. Since this can be a magical time, my Ram friend, remember to keep yourself hydrated and fed with healthy summer crops accompanied by exercise and a positive, constructive attitude that is not only focused on the gold coin, but the dreams of your future!

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.
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