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    Horoscope - Aquarius

    July is usually a slower month in the business world, where executives and entrepreneurs are looking towards their vacation than a heavier work load. But for you, dear Water Bearer of the zodiac, your career may seem like a burden to carry but the rewards can be big if you do! If you need or are asked to work longer hours, do so. You will impress upper management and yourself with your skills and make serious headway toward your goals. At this time, you will need support and love from your partner. They may not understand why you have to work late, etc. and could turn a cold shoulder towards you so take the same time and discipline with your significant other. Both your career and love life will benefit by showering them attention, some store bought treats and I love you’s in hidden places only they will find.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.
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