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    HBT’s Favorites and Inspirations Playlist

    This is HBT’s Favorites and Inspirations Playlist. HBT aka Julien Haguenauer (aka Heartbeat) releases his debut EP as HBT, “To Kill A Heartbeat,” out now on Dawn Records. Be sure to also check out his remix for “Cross” on Ligovskoï’s new EP coming soon on Dement3dFollow HBT on Facebook and listen to the new record on SoundCloud.

    Joy Division “Atmosphere”

    All time fav’ – obviously. I recently realized I must have been under this influence while composing “Runway Shift”

    Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers “Afrique”

    There’s something absolutely magical when “Witch Doctor” Blakey takes inspiration in African rhythms and translates it into jazz. The kind of rhythm drive I’d like to hear more and more from contemporary electronic music.

    Geir Jenssen “Jobo Rabzang”

    Excerpt of one on my favorite field recordings album of a trip in the Himalayas capturing delicate melodies and mesmerizing atmospheres.

    Jonas Kopp “528 Hz”

    A very talented techno producer from Argentina explores the frequency of love. Elegant simplicity of the ambient techno process at its best.

    Puce Mary “Slow Agony Of A Dying Orgasm”

    A very intimate droney ambient/noise record. Love the intensity and personality of that particular song—and the whole Puce Mary album is fire.

    Executive Slacks “30 Years”

    A synth punk classic—all time fav’. Love the lyrics.

    Zanias “Follow The Body”

    This song is perfection. I think I listened at least five times in a row the first time I’ve heard it.

    Hiss:1292 “Damballah”

    From the label’s back catalog. Voodoo ritual in full effect.

    Luc Ferrari “Petite Symphonie Intuitive Our Un Paysage De Printemps”

    This very interesting piece by one of my favorite experimental French artist has just been repressed – just sayin’.

    Oto Hiax “Thruft”

    I discovered this while making the playlist: guitar and ambient improv; definitely something I want to explore further after this. “A l’abri des regards indiscrets” song from the Dawn Records EP.

    Ligovskoï “Goha (HBTVSK Remix)”

    The remix Voiski and I made for Ligovskoï a couple years ago. Very happy with how this one still feels relevant today.

    Second Woman “////\\”

    Weird granulations in dub! New record recently released on Spectrum Spools—definitely one of my favorite labels.

    vOphoniQ “Animals”

    A pretty heroic jam by vOphoniQ on Dawn Records a couple years ago. Excerpt of a super fun and inventive album.

    Coldgeist “Elusive Attraction”

    Beautiful track on the Tripalium tape last year, where I also contributed to the “Stego” track with Pierre from DSCRD.

    CAN “Jynx (Live)”

    This is the RIP section at the end of the playlist…

    Ø “Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun”

    Deeply saddened by Mika Vainio’s passing. What an inspiration!


    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.

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