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    a conversation with Julia Taylor-Brown

    Full Name: Julia Taylor-Brown Julia Taylor-Brown

    What is your current neighborhood? Los Angeles

    What city were you born in? Los Angeles

    What do you do for a living? Marketing and design consultant & founder of popsicle company Teebsie. [She is also our illustrator!!]

    Social Media Handles  @juliafication / @teebsie

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? WHOLE WHEAT SESAME WITH VEGGIE CREAM CHEESE ALL DAY LONG

    Please tell us more about your business or project: I do a lot of things to earn my keep, but since I’m better with pictures than words, I’ve provided a little illustration to make it easier to understand. [See the illustration that describes her business here.]

    What’s your Alma Mater? George Washington University

    What’s your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving!

    What do you think your best trait is? My creativity… or perhaps my upbeat personality? I’m generally a pretty happy person and I think happiness is a trait that can bring happiness to a lot of people.

    You’re treating a special someone to a romantic weekend away. What locale do you go to and what activities are you planning? Oh this is HARD! If I want to stay local(ish), a trip to the Central Coast is where I’d go. My family has a house on the beach in this tiny little beach town called Cayucos and it’s my favorite place in the world.

    We would have to do a night or two at the Sycamore Hot Springs on the way up and soak in the natural springs all over the property. After that, we would stay a few nights in Cayucos – and there are few things that I would have to take my partner in all things romantic to: one day we would have a car take us to do some some wine and olive oil tasting in Paso Robles, perhaps stop at a lavender farm (they’re so heavenly) and eat dinner at Artisan Paso Robles (my favorite restaurant in the area – they just opened a cute little spot called Kitchenette in nearby Templeton that is a casual alternative to Artisan) which sources a ton of local produce, meats & cheeses. We’d drive up to Cambria and stop to do some antique shopping, grab a slice or two of pie at Linn’s Fruit Bin (the farm outside of town) while feeding the peacocks and then head up to see the elephant seals in San Simeon before taking a sunset tour of Hearst Castle… and making sure to discuss all of the pieces of furniture and art we would take home with us if we had the ability to. Sunset walks along the beach are a must, as is lunch (at least once) at Taco Temple… their fish tacos are to die for.

    If we’re feeling super ambitious, we’d end the trip up in Big Sur. Unlimited budget would mean staying at the Post Ranch Inn – their perfectly heated 103 degree tubs on the edge of a cliff are indescribable… otherwise we’d stay at Deetjen’s and make sure to have drinks at sunset at the restaurant at Post Ranch as it’s once of the most magical places I’ve ever been to. While in town, we’d stop at the Henry Miller Library and buy some romantic books of poetry, take a walk around Julia Pheiffer Burns State Park and eat at the Big Sur Bakery for dinner one night, at one of their romantic tables for two.

    [We turned her fabulous weekend into the ideal itinerary! Get it here]

    You have one night free in any hotel. Which one do you go to? Oof. A hard one – there are just so many places I want to go! The Kandolhu Island Hotel in the Maldives is somewhere I am just DYING to go. [We want to go, too! Read about it here!]

    Name one tourist spot you break out your selfie stick for: Anywhere with a beautiful view (or lots of bright colors)!

    You’re looking at spots for your next vacation. Are you headed to a beach or to a city or to the mountains? Beach or city… I’m not much of a mountain girl.

    What goes into the perfect sandwich? OH hells yes. Sandwiches are my JAM. You’ve GOT to start with a Dutch Crunch roll – something native to San Francisco that I haven’t seen outside of the bay, a slathering of mayo (no mustard – it’s too intense for me, except for in salad dressings), some pepper turkey for a bite, some avocado (obviously), a couple of crisp leaves of butter lettuce (the lettuce texture is super important), some perfectly ripe summer heirloom tomatoes and some thinly sliced cucumbers for crunch. BOOM. Perfect sandwich.

    Describe the best meal you’ve ever had and with whom: I worked in hospitality for a long time and consider myself lucky to have eaten a lot of truly incredible meals! I used to absolutely love eating with the Chefs when I worked at Soho House. We would go to restaurants and just go HAM. Some of the best meals we had together were at Gjelina and Bestia in LA. In NY, we went wild at ABC Kitchen and the Fat Radish… and the “love toast” at Dimes in the LES is something so simple and so unexpectedly delicious – just tahini, honey, raspberries & mint on a fresh piece of toast. [Learn more about and then make reservations for Gjelina, Bestia, ABC Kitchen, Dimes, and Fat Radish]

    What’s your comfort food? A good cheeseburger with fries – with homemade mayo & ketchup on the side.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: cheese, sushi, BBQ Fuck cheese (so good but so bad for you), marry sushi (delicious and good for you and you will always love it), kill BBQ (it’s just… too much)

    Fashion-wise, what season do you look forward to most? Spring or summer… eek! I love wearing long dresses with a bright piece of jewelry and sandals. That’s kind of my uniform in LA… plus sunglasses. [See what piece of jewelry we think she should wear next!]

    What’s one article of clothing you can’t live without? A dark grey cashmere sweater. So soft and so versatile – I live in mine.

    You’re redecorating your home. What room are you most excited to furnish? I’d say living room for the room – I love entertaining and creating spaces for my friends and family to hang in. In terms of items of furniture, my bed. I love sleeping and am such a homebody… give me some goose down and linen sheets and I am the happiest person on the planet. [We found the perfect tools for Julia to entertain with!]

    What beauty or grooming product can you not live without? My Weleda rose face & eye creams. They’re so delicate but so natural…

    What’s your signature scent? Diptyque’s Do Son at night and L’artisan Parfumeur’s La Chasse aux Papillons during the day. Both are beautiful, complex floral fragrances but evoke such completely different feelings. [Hit the right notes with Diptyque and L’artisan Parfumeur]

    Do you follow a particular diet regimen? I try to follow Michael Pollan’s advice, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” although the not too much part doesn’t come particularly naturally to me. Plus, I am a sucker for french fries.

    Now that I’m making popsicles, I eat more fruit and fruit desserts (and cocktails…) as it helps inspire interesting flavor combinations!

    [BONUS!! Julia shared one of her popsicle recipes with us, download it!]

    Name a favorite music artist: Devendra Banhart. Always. [Watch the video for Carmensita here]

    What album or mix is on repeat? Right now I am listening to a ton of Spotify playlists… I tend to listen to something obsessively for a month and then move on to the next thing.

    What music festival(s) do you look forward to attending? I’m not a big festival girl – I tend to get overstimulated and overwhelmed in big crowds, so I love small, intimate venues like the El Rey in LA or the Bowery Ballroom in NY. The only festival I’ve ever been to is Outside Lands in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to have artist passes (the only perk of a semi-relationship that ended in disaster), which was super fun and probably the only way I’d ever go to another festival… good god I sound like such a snob.

    Describe the best party you’ve ever been to and why: My favorite parties are at my friend Sarah’s parent’s house. They always have the best parties – think gypsy bands and pig roasts! They (and their kids) pick up friends all over the place and they always have the coolest, most diverse groups of people at their parties – running the gamet from old political writers to young starving artists. When the evening is young, we eat and talk and laugh and then by the end of the night, everyone is drunk and dancing and having the best time!

    You get to the bar, you immediately order: Winter time: Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks, Summer time: Gin & Tonic, Brunch: Ramos Gin Fizz. [Learn how to make a Ramos gin fizz here]

    What’s your dream job? POPSICLE MAVEN!

    Do you have any career ‘mistakes’ you can tell us about and what the upside was? Oh man. The biggest career mistakes I’ve ever made have always happened because I didn’t trust my gut. That’s been the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned – is that I need to listen to myself! I think we’d all make fewer mistakes if we trusted ourselves and didn’t listen to our brains as much as we do. Brains are obviously important (duh) but I don’t think enough importance is placed on how things make us feel [Get inspired by her advice here].

    I’ve taken too many jobs and now clients where the job or project sounds so good, but I’ve gotten that weird feeling in my stomach where I know something’s not right. I think myself into taking it, and then after I think “why didn’t I listen to myself?” It’s made me become so much more trusting of my own judgement. Everyone should be trusting of their judgement!

    What was your first job and what do you think it taught you? My first real job was at Brillistein Entertainment Partners, a management company in Hollywood.

    Bernie Brillstein was the most amazing man and I consider myself to be so lucky to have been able to work under him before he passed away. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in entertainment and so we sat down one day and talked about so much. Before I left, he said “I’m not worried about you, kid.” I will always remember that. He taught me so much about how to succeed in life – and that you can be a nice person and still be shrewd in business.

    I learned so much about work ethic and professionalism working there, and so much about what I wanted in my own life. [Preach!]

    If you could teach anything to someone, what would it be? To love themselves – to love one’s self is the greatest lesson I could teach anyone.

    Is there anyone you admire right now who you think is doing great things? Tell me about them! There are so many amazing people out there – I don’t even know where to start! I’m going to think on this and send you a list…

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? @designlovefest @corinanika [check her out here@marycostaphoto [check her out here] @sadanimalfacts [check them out here] @nikipilkington @amberibarreche @nowness @choochoocharles @juliarestoinroitfeld @mercishopparis @colette

    Relationship Status? Happily Single

    Any dating deal breakers? Hahaha (I’m laughing because I think I have too many…)

    What’s the best time of day to have sex: All day every day!

    Follow Julia’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!


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