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    a conversation with Jacqueline Spagnola

    Full Name: Jacqueline Spagnola Jacqueline Spagnola

    What is your current neighborhood? I recently moved to Museumkwarter in Amsterdam [In town? Here’s where to sleep, eat, and eat again.]

    What city were you born in? Staten Island, New York

    What do you do for a living? Intellectual Property Attorney

    Social Media Handles: @the_jacqpot

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything bagel

    What’s your Alma Mater? Villanova University, Brooklyn Law School

    What kind of pet(s) do you have? Desperately seeking a shorthair exotic kitten (update! she found one: @burratathecat)

    What’s your biggest fear? Life moving too fast for me to accomplish all I want.

    What is your favorite place in the world you’ve traveled to and why? Croatia. It was beautiful, authentic country with very few tourists. I was able to spend time exploring the cities and countryside with my best friends and later explored the wild islands where I fell in love for the last time. [Planning your trip? Read our Travel Guide: Dubrovnik]

    You have a few weeks off and enough miles for round trip airfare. What kind of trip do you plan and to where? Indonesia is currently at the top of my list for a very long trip since there is so much to do and traveling is simple and living is inexpensive. [Here’s where you should stay in Bali and party in Bali]

    What’s your preferred method of travel? Depending on the distance, walking or flying.

    Fill in the blank: On vacation you will undoubtedly find me _______: smiling!

    What is your favorite restaurant to eat at? I really like a brasserie in Brooklyn called Cafe Luluc. [Cafe Luluc is known for the best pancakes in Brooklyn!]

    Finish this sentence: “If I was a type of food I would be ________’ A big, beautiful, medium-rare bone in steak.

    What do you eat for breakfast? Either Greek yogurt and a banana or a bagel.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: bacon, ice cream, pasta Woo, court, and pamper bacon for all of our years.

    What do you wear to bed? Satin pajama sets or old, soft t-shirts. [You’ll want to wear this satin pajama set everywhere]

    Pick one room in the house to live out the rest of your days: Living room!

    What’s your go-to spa? Aire Ancient Baths for the medieval lair vibe. [These saltwater pools will become your new favorite way to relax]

    Describe your skincare regimen including any names of products: I could be much more creative and diligent about my skincare. I only wash my face with Apricot Scrub or Cetaphil and sleep with Acure night cream. [Deep clean your face with this apricot scrub]

    Name one diet “rule” you break: I never count calories and my intake is erratic.

    What song is on repeat? Currently “White Blood” by Oh Wonder [Listen to this beautiful track here]

    How do you discover new music or artists? Hype Machine and friends recommendations.

    What city has the best nightlife culture and why? New York, of course! You can find anything you are looking for on a given night as well as things you never knew existed.

    Arrested Development Bingo? Got it. Dinner and world-class theatre? Yup. Want to stay in and go to a wild electro festival at 8AM? You know I got it!

    You can never conquer NYC nightlife as it is constantly evolving and drifting from the weird back to the classic.

    What’s the best night of the week to go out on in your current city? I always love a Thursday night and Saturday night.

    What has been your best career move so far? Asserting my desire to be a part of companies I admire. I remember showing up to offices I wanted to work at and insisting that I would show up until hired.

    Surprisingly that worked very well. I began interning every single semester starting from sophomore year of college.

    Can you share one tip for anyone looking to get into a similar career as you? Don’t listen to anyone negative about a job market or career path. Just because they steeled doesn’t mean you should. If there is one position left on this Earth, why shouldn’t you be the one to fill it? [Chase your dreams!]

    Share one invaluable business skill you have: Unparalleled determination to succeed.

    Tell me about the person who most influenced you growing up: My mother. She taught me that I can truly do anything I set my mind to and convinced me to be true to myself whatever that meant. I have never known anyone that loves the way she does and I try to live my life loving those in it with the same veracity.

    What’s your favorite website to pass the time on? Vice, Reddit, Facebook.

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? I did and will continue to do pro-bono legal work for Safe horizon, a marvelous victim service agency. [Find out more about this incredible charity]

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? @WWD / @kazzykatch / @businessinsider / @dilfs_of_disneyland [this is the most hilarious/hottest Instagram account ever]

    Relationship Status? Engaged to that prince of a man from Croatia.

    Tell me about a cringe-worthy date: I once went to a “date” which was apparently chaperoned by this two friends. Which was good because I for sure had ill intentions!

    You want to impress somebody, what do you do? I always like to make people laugh (ideally with me, not at me).

    Follow Jacqueline’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!

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