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    a conversation with Harley Moon

    Full Name: Harley Moon Harley Moon_with dimple

    What is your current neighborhood? London and Los Angeles

    What city were you born in? Sydney

    What do you do for a living? Artist Management

    Social Media Handles:  Twitter / Instagram

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Salt beef

    What’s your Alma Mater? Blaxland high school, NSW, Australia and SAE College in London

    What do you think your best trait is? I have time for everyone

    You’re treating a special someone to a romantic weekend away. What locale do you go to and what activities are you planning? It’s really about the hotel here, I’d try get something with a nice spa and/or something on a quiet secluded island, but not something really obvious… in Europe I’d aim for maybe Mykonos, Santorini, or Capri. But if I don’t feel like getting on a plane, then St Ives in the south of England is a beautiful scenic and relaxing getaway. The activities would be things that involve little to no effort (this is a holiday right?) so spa days, swimming and great food! I’d really like to check out the new Farmhouse hotel in Oxford set up by the Soho House Group. The villas look very cozy and charming out on the countryside. [We couldn’t dream up a better countryside retreat if we tried!]

    You have one night free in any hotel. Which one do you go to? If it’s a free night, it would have to be the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo, 6 stars of excellence, either that or the Intercontinental on Bora Bora, I’ve always wanted to go there. [We show you why the Intercontinental is on his hit list in the Travel Guide for Bora Bora]

    Name one tourist spot you break out your selfie stick for: Sunset in Ibiza is still pretty magical, I’ll never get sick of that one.

    You’re looking at spots for your next vacation. Are you headed to a beach or to a city or to the mountains? More than likely a city, I travel quite a lot and I know pretty well what cities I want to spend time exploring and which cities are just nice to visit for a day or so. Beach vacations can be brilliant too but more so if you are in Southeast Asia or India, those parts of the world.

    What goes into the perfect sandwich? I’d say mostly cheese! Some of my favourites are – Philly Cheese Steak, Piadina’s in Italy, La Sandwicherie in Miami is amazing, the mortadella sandwich at the mercado in São Paulo, Hirata buns with pork in Japan. I do love a good sandwich 🙂

    Describe the best meal you’ve ever had and with whom: This is really tough to answer, because every time I visit Japan i think every meal is the best meal I’ve ever had. The Japanese chefs are just next level. One year I got up at 5am to go to the Tokyo Fish Market and eat sushi omakase with my good friends Sasha and Yuuki, that was an amazing experience. Rafael’s in Peru was the first real high end meal experience I remember eating. That really opened my eyes to that kind of dining. I went with Sander Kleinenberg in about 2007, was my first time in South America too, so it was very memorable. [Want to eat fresh sashimi at 5am? Learn more about the Tsukiji Fish Market]

    What’s your comfort food? Ramen

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: cheese, sushi, BBQ Marry Sushi (love you long time), fuck cheese (I love you but, you’re killing me) and kill BBQ (sorry BBQ I still love you)

    Fashion-wise, what season do you look forward to most? Winter fashion is the best [We found your new cashmere sweater and you can wear it all year round!]

    What’s one article of clothing you can’t live without? Some box fresh, New Era baseball caps

    You’re redecorating your home. What room are you most excited to furnish? The living room, all the tech stuff… I’ve got it all planned out: cozy L shaped sofa, wireless cinema surround sound and 4k HD projector 🙂 [Here’s the the baddest HD projector we could find!]

    What beauty or grooming product can you not live without? Origins face moisturizer, and my Wahl hair clippers

    What’s your signature scent? Higher – Christian Dior [Find out what this cologne smells like]

    Do you follow a particular diet regimen?  I try my best to eat well while I’m travelling but it is extremely hard. I think my main rule is to just eat fresh, never eat things out of packets, and try not to eat any thing with sugar in them.

    Name a favorite music artist: Oh god this question is impossible, right now I’m listening to Flume a lot.

    What album or mix is on repeat? Flying Lotus – “You’re Dead” [Listen to an album teaser here]

    What music festival(s) do you look forward to attending? Coachella in LA, Zoukout in Singapore, Glastonbury in UK

    Describe the best party you’ve ever been to and why: Warung in Santa Catarina, Brazil is probably the best club in earth. A wooden open air temple on a beach that stays open all day and night, has the best underground DJs in the world, brilliant sound system, and most of all, amazing free spirited people…. this club is a little slice of heaven. [The world’s top artists play at this club, find out more]

    You get to the bar, you immediately order: I probably should order a water, but likely a vodka lime and soda.

    What’s your dream job? Being Anthony Bourdain (editor’s note: us too!)

    Do you have any career ‘mistakes’ you can tell us about and what the upside was? I don’t really think of career decisions as mistakes because all the decisions you make get you to where you are. I’ve had ups and downs in business, but you just have to learn from them and move forward. I was once let go by a company that I really loved but I lost interest in it because I believed that they had stopped being innovative. From that I learned to always speak your honest opinions and never become complacent.. if you have a great job, there is always 100 other people that would like to fill your spot!

    What was your first job and what do you think it taught you? My first job was working in my parents record store, and it taught me that kindness and patience go a long way—and mum is the boss …. always! [Mama always knows best!]

    If you could teach anything to someone, what would it be? I’ll teach anything I can to anyone who wants to learn. [Wonderful sentiment]

    Is there anyone you admire right now who you think is doing great things? Tell me about them! Elon Musk is pretty obviously cool, he’s doing brilliant work on innovations with electric vehicles and power storage. His power wall could be a genuine game changer.

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform?  @MYSADCAT / @djscomplaining [Hilarious! Read some tweets here]@cashcats [Rich cats? Yes please!]

    Relationship Status? Single

    Any dating deal breakers? Hate smoking, hate laziness

    What’s the best time of day to have sex: Morning … nothing starts a day better!

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