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    a conversation with Cristina Cote

    Full Name: Cristina Cote Christina Cote_with color

    Age: I’m a young spirit but an old soul.

    What is your current neighborhood? Upper East Side

    What city were you born in? New York City

    What do you do for a living? I enjoy wearing many hats. I’m a Real Estate Agent at TOWN Residential where I work with my mother/partner in crime, Victoria. I’m also an Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Producer; I created a show called HERsterical. I also interview chefs for a website called The Chef’s Connection.

    Social Media Handles: @CristinaCoteNYC@SvettyintheCityFacebookTerri Cote Real Estate FacebookHERsterical FacebookYouTube Channel

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? As a native New Yorker, I take this question very seriously. My favorite is a fresh whole wheat everything bagel… (the more crunch, flavor and chance to wear the seeds in my teeth, the better!) I like it with scallion cream cheese, lox, capers, onions and lemon juice especially from Sables or Zabars. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it… (do I get one as a prize for sharing my deepest darkest secrets with you? 🙂

    Editor’s note: We’ll treat you to a lox bagel at Zabar’s! We’re hungry now, too!

    Please list any business sites or links if applicable:

    Check out Best of “Svetty in the City” from Cristina’s YouTube Channel:

    Please tell us more about your business: I work with my mother/partner in crime in residential real estate at TOWN Residential—we specialize in luxury real estate and help our clients buy, sell, rent and invest in properties in NYC. I grew up in the real estate biz and started going on showings with my mom at the age of 10 and developed an interest then—it’s gratifying helping people find their dream home and I enjoy working with such interesting people and exploring the diverse amazing apartments and neighborhoods in the city. I am also an actor and write/produce many of my own videos and perform around NYC, including my show HERsterical that features an all-female line-up and has been featured in the NY Comedy Festival for the past 3 years. I interview chefs for a cool new website called The Chefs Connection, and I also host an Emmy-award winning real estate/lifestyle TV Show called “Best Places to Live.” In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how my real estate and entertainment careers would co-exist, but interestingly, there is a lot of cross-over. We help a lot of people in the entertainment industry find their apartments, and try to infuse our business with creative, “out of the box” thinking and razzle dazzle. Understanding business taught me how to produce my shows/videos, not to mention I’ve met a lot of eccentric interesting characters which inspires my acting.

    What’s your Alma Mater? I went to Poly Prep in Brooklyn for high school— Go Blue Devils! And American University in Washington DC for undergrad. I also studied abroad for a year at the American University of Rome.

    What kind of pet(s) do you have? Two sweet sister Abyssinian kitties, Cleo and Mischa.

    What’s your biggest fear?Loneliness

    What is your favorite place in the world you’ve traveled to and why? I lived in Rome for a year in college where I studied film, art and Italian language—I felt like I left a piece of my soul in the Eternal City. That period of time was incredibly transformative and Italy is a very special place to me—I especially love Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Ischia; there’s excellent food, culture, art and the people are warm and know how to savor life. My astrological sign is Cancer so I always feel happiest and most creative when I’m by the water—from the Hamptons to Malibu or the Mediterranean to the Caribbean Sea—these are all magical places. I also love Istanbul, Brazil, Paris, and St. Barts. [Ischia is a special place, stay at Terme Manzi Hotel and see La Mortella gardens; When in Istanbul, stay at a former Sultan’s palace]

    You have a few weeks off and enough miles for round trip airfare. What kind of trip do you plan and to where? I’m in the mood for adventure and to explore something new that I haven’t experienced yet. The top destinations on my list are: India, China, Cuba, and Argentina. I also want to take a road trip across the U.S—but I need to learn how to drive first… (the joys of being a native New Yorker!) [Havana, Cuba is prime for exploration, eat here when you go and make sure to check out the famous cigar factory, too!]

    What’s your preferred method of travel? I like train trips—they’re romantic and give you the freedom to move around and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery next to you that looks like a painting. I have a great memory of taking the train from Rome to Venice—we played cards, ate homemade pasta in the dining car, the windows were framed with orange velvet curtains—it felt like a scene out of a film.

    Fill in the blank: On vacation you will undoubtedly find me _____: Chatting with the locals to find out where the hidden gems are, eating delicious food, dessert wine, and coffee; walking around so I can get lost and discover interesting things; exploring museums, seeing live music or a show, going dancing. If I’m anywhere near the beach, I’ll be swimming.

    What is your favorite restaurant to eat at? In NYC, I love The Pool Room at the Four Seasons, the Waverly Inn, the Carlyle Hotel, and Balthazar. [Find out if The Pool Room and Balzathar are for you!]

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of food I would be ______’ A chocolate soufflé… sweet, complex, and warm and gooey in the center.

    What do you eat for breakfast? Coffee, fresh fruit, half of an avocado, a hard boiled egg.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: bacon, ice cream, pasta Fuck: Ice Cream, Marry: Pasta, Kill: Bacon.

    What do you wear to bed? Wouldn’t you like to know…. 😉

    Whose designs do you covet each season? Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Alice + Olivia, Roberto Cavalli, Marchesa, Calypso, Helmut Lang and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

    Pick one room in the house to live out the rest of your days: My boudoir is my oasis. However, I do feel that the kitchen is the center of any home—where family and friends hang out, laugh, and break bread.

    What’s your go-to spa? The Peninsula [Learn what makes this one of New York’s most famous spas]

    Describe your skincare regimen including any names of products: I’m religious about washing my face and moisturizing but have a simple routine: I use a mild Clinique face soap, a warm washcloth, Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream and their Yellow Healing Powder for blemishes and Kiehl’s Body Lotion. [This seaweed cream hydrates your skin while you sleep!]

    Name one diet “rule” you break: I’m a big believer in “everything in moderation”—I don’t like rules and I believe in balance and harmony. I think chocolate is good for the soul—I have a small piece of dark chocolate every day.

    What song is on repeat? It depends on my mood but when I discover a new song that I like, I become obsessive and listen to it on repeat non-stop. Two of my favorite all-time songs are “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, and Red House by Jimi Hendrix. [Listen to Red House here]

    Name one artist you think has been undeniably influential in music: Too hard to choose one… how about three? The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson.

    How do you discover new music or artists? I like to explore film soundtracks, discover music on Pandora, and ask friends for suggestions.

    What city has the best nightlife culture and why? NYC is the city that never sleeps but when I visited Madrid, I was amazed at how late everything started and how many cool bars, lounges, and clubs there were to explore—it was a lot of fun. Berlin also had a great nightlife culture. [Madrid has one of the biggest dance clubs in Spain]

    What’s the best night of the week to go out on in your current city? I like Thursday night– I tend to go out mostly during the week and have more chill nights on the weekends with friends having dinner parties or singing karaoke.

    What has been your best career move so far? It’s not a single move per se, but more of a pattern of behavior. I’ve had success when I trust my gut, am not afraid to dream big, and when I’ve created my own vehicle to accomplish my goals. In college, they didn’t offer the major I wanted so I created my own interdisciplinary major. In business this holds true, too, sometimes you have to create your own niche or platform to be able to do the thing you love. This pattern has opened doors for me and is fulfilling because the results are organic and deeply rooted in my personal truth.

    Can you share one tip for anyone looking to get into a similar career as you? Surround yourself with good, smart people who can help guide and mentor you. Take classes, go to events, ask questions, be totally immersed in the world you want to be part of—it’s like osmosis, it will start to rub off on you. [This is so true!]

    Share one invaluable business skill you have: I genuinely enjoy people—I love to meet new people and bond with the people I know. As an only child, I always felt comfortable talking to my parent’s friends and as a result, I’ve always had an eclectic group of people in my life of all different ages, backgrounds and cultures. As both a real estate agent and a performer—this interest and skill has enabled me to connect with people, empathize and hopefully earn people’s trust, which is incredibly important when I’m helping someone buy or sell their home, or when I’m performing and entrusted to portray someone’s story in a truthful way.

    Tell me about the person who most influenced you growing up: My mother is my best friend, business partner, and mentor. She has been an incredible teacher and confidant and knows me better than anyone. She is a badass entrepreneur, artist, healer—she is an amazing person in every way and I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

    What’s your favorite website to pass the time on? I watch a lot of comedy videos in my spare time because laughter is the best medicine and also to get inspiration for my videos—YouTube, Above Average and Funny or Die. I also like reading the articles on Harper Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? I give a portion of the proceeds from my live-comedy show HERsterical (that features an all-female line-up of comedians) to the charity, Gilda’s Club, in honor of my comedy role model, Gilda Radner—they do wonderful work for individuals and family members of people dealing with cancer. I also support Maya’s Hope, Sanejo and the Bowery Mission. [Find out how to volunteer or make a donation to Gilda’s Club]

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? @amyschumer, @ardiefuqua, @juddapatow, @newyorker, @townresidential, @CarolinesonBway, @chefsconnection [get a behind the scenes look at the hottest chefs around!], @debbiekorbel

    Relationship Status? Single

    Tell me about a cringe-worthy date: I went on a date once with a guy who told me he was an alien. I wish I had recorded that conversation, it would have made a funny sketch.

    You want to impress somebody, what do you do? Sometimes I get silly and speak in different accents or as one my characters, like my Russian alter-ego, “Svetty” (this either comes off as endearing, or can freak someone out) but I like when a person has a sense of humor so it’s a good test!

    Follow Cristina’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!



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