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    a conversation with Kimberly Fisher

    Full Name: Kimberly Fisher Kimberly Fisher

    Age: a young heart with an old soul

    What is your current neighborhood? Chelsea, New York, NY

    What city were you born in? Roy, Utah

    What do you do for a living? Brand Activation Manager for Rémy Martin and freelance lifestyle writer

    Social Media Handles: InstagramTwitterFacebook

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything Bagel

    Please list any business sites or links if applicable: KimberlyFisher.com

    Please tell us more about your business: I have navigated a successful multi-media career over the past decade. A former model and actress, I am currently the founder of Jetsetera and Spiritual Socialites. I am also a brand ambassador, lifestyle writer, media personality, and Internet Entrepreneur.

    What’s your Alma Mater? UNLV, MSMC

    What’s your horoscope sign? Aquarius

    What’s your biggest vice? Spontaneity

    If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? I love New York right now. The weather is perfect, the energy is unlike anywhere else in the world and there’s really something for everyone.

    Your vacation is coming up soon. Where are you going? I am currently in Paris, and off to Cognac tomorrow for work. For a future vacation? I am exploring some of the Caribbean Islands, and St. Lucia would be up next. [In Cognac? Don’t miss the family-run restaurant and café, Chez Aristide and the town’s most famous sight, the Rémy Martin cognac distillery! And go inland on your next trip to St. Lucia and stay at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, inspired by the forest’s cocoa plants]

    Who is your dream travel companion? My lovely husband. He always makes me laugh, we get along fabulously, and it is nice to have someone put your bag in the overhead compartment for you.

    Best place for a quick weekend away? Caribbean from NYC. A super easy trip and you are in a totally different environment. I love Jamaica for the food and the beaches, Anguilla for it’s sophisticated island life, and St. Martin for it’s yearly Regatta. [Learn more about the annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta and stay on the French side of the island at the beachside Belmond La Samanna]

    What is your favorite city for food in the world? Tokyo. They have more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world, but you can find anything. I love the street food and little markets. [How about a combination? Eat at Tsuta Ramen, the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen shop!]

    Do you have a favorite recipe to make? Can you share it with me? I have been a fan of one-pot chicken dishes that are extremely saucy lately. One dish is Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce. Super easy, and so good. [Get the Buzzfeed recipe here]

    You’re being executed. What’s your last meal? A buffet of all of my favorite things, with diet aspects being thrown out the window. Crab Claws from Joe’s Stone Crab, a steak and mac ‘n’ cheese from Maestro’s and possibly an In & Out Burger with fries.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: chinese food, pizza, burritos Fuck Burritos, Marry Pizza, Kill Chinese Food.

    What’s your work uniform? Yoga clothes when I can get away with it; all black or black and white anytime else. [Try these Beyond Yoga leggings, perfect for working out or running around town!]

    What’s the best store (in person or online) to shop in? I love finding things in off the wall locations. Ducking into random one-off stores are my favorite.

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of furniture I would be______’ Minimalist modern.

    What’s your signature workout move? Yoga—corpse pose lol

    Favorite spa treatment? I always love a great facial.

    Name one diet rule you have: Diet rules went out the window about 5 years ago. Life is too short to eat bad food. I do try to eat whole foods and stay away from unprocessed, canned and microwaved foods. I also limit meat intake, and if I do, make sure it is organic.

    Name an artist people would be surprised to hear that you listen to: Craig David.

    Other than Beyoncé, who has the best music video of all time? Cascade.

    It’s Saturday night. If you could go party at any club in the world, which one would it be? Club Bed…at my Chelsea apartment overlooking a garden. It’s all-white, quiet, serene, decorated with candles and scented oils and the best place to be on a Saturday night! [Editor’s note: Sounds amazing! Is there a VIP list to get in?]

    You want to meet someone for drinks. Where do you take them? Depends on my mood. Usually somewhere upscale yet comfortable where you can actually hear each other talk.

    What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? Always strive for what you want. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A model.

    How do you think your career/job contributes to the world around you? I think I make people happy and maybe can be a little inspiring. Whether it is introducing people to a Cognac with a 300 year history, hosting events where people can connect and better themselves, or providing info on a new destination or product, I think people know I am of service, and do it with a friendly smile, open heart and authenticity.

    Name one thing that will have the greatest impact on our future: Community. If we all took a stance to do just one good thing for ourselves, each other and/or the planet, we really could make the world a better place.

    Will you vote in the Presidential Election in 2016? Yes. 😉

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? Yes. I love anything that has to do with literacy, children and clean water advocacy. I have been an avid supporter of making the world a better place since I was a teenager. I have been involved in dozens of causes over the years including The Make-a-Wish Foundation, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The American Cancer Society , Junior League of Los Angeles, The Hirshberg Foundation and the Revlon Walk for Cancer. I have donated my time to Angels on the Fairway, Operation Smile, Children of the Night and The Nicole Brown Foundation.

    In 2009 I was honored to received an award from the mayor of Los Angeles for my efforts of helping different communities after teaching English in Spain, serving on the board of The Open Paths Counseling Center and completing the Junior League of Los Angeles Board Fellows Program.

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? Much love to my girls! @courtopia, @ramonareps, @linaso_, @anisette, @hippieinheelsnyc

    Inspiration with @valerieoula, @spiritualsocialites, @goldenbridgeyoga, @gabbybernstein

    I love travel writer @MrDavidDuran and Mixologist Master/Blogger @Kyle4d

    Relationship Status? Married!

    Tell me about the best date you ever went on: Someone took me to NYC once for dinner on a date. That was pretty fab. I also love when someone takes the time to actually cook for me. That is so much harder than making a dinner reservation.

    You think sex on the first date is: An absolute no.

    Follow Kimberly’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!



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