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    a conversation with Emily Thompson

    Full Name: Emily Thompson emily-thompson-1

    Age: 29

    What is your current neighborhood? Sacramento California

    What city were you born in? Queens, New York

    What do you do for a living? I am a Tasting Room Lead at Renwood Winery

    Social Media Handles: Twitter, Instagram

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? My go to is probably a sesame seed bagel with whitefish and cream cheese with chives.

    Please tell us more about your business: Renwood Winery specializes in Zinfandels. We have outside service on our patio, pre scheduled private tastings, and tours. We offer cheese and charcuterie plates everyday, and a few more food options Friday through Sunday as well. Our goal is to give our guests a really memorable experience that makes them want to come back again and again.

    What kind of pet(s) do you have? I currently have 2 dogs, a Shetland Sheepdog named Sophie, and a Lab/Husky mix named Quincy.

    What’s your biggest fear? Spiders. Just spiders.

    What is your favorite place in the world you’ve traveled to and why? My favorite place that I have ever traveled to is probably Kauai. Now that I have been there multiple times, it feels familiar which is comforting, and it is so beautiful. When I go there I know I can truly let go of stress and just relax. I am perfectly content just laying on the beach there for hours, and on days when I’m craving an adventure the possibilities are endless. As a true Pisces, I love being close to and in the ocean. I love to snorkel and want to take scuba diving lessons the next time I visit. [We rounded up the top spots in Poipu, a small beach town in Kauai. Stay at Koa Kea Hotel and Resort, eat a special meal at Tidepools, and snorkel with Kauai Sea Rider Adventures]

    You have a few weeks off and enough miles for round trip airfare. What kind of trip do you plan and to where? There are so many places I would love to experience, but one trip that I have been thinking about for a long time, would be to visit the small towns in Poland where my grandparents (on my Mother’s side) were from. I have never been to Eastern Europe, and getting to know a little bit more about my family history is something I have been craving. My grandparents were a huge part of my life growing up, and I miss them dearly. [We suggest visiting the small town of Stawigunda and stay lakeside on Lake Wulpińskie at the chic Hotel Galery69]

    What’s your preferred method of travel? Whatever gets me to where I’m going the fastest.

    Fill in the blank: On vacation you will undoubtedly find me _____: Taking photos! I have loved photography ever since I was young, although I have absolutely no formal training.

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of food I would be ______’ Cake. I have a major obsession with cake, and yes that includes cupcakes, because they are just bite size cakes.

    What do you eat for breakfast? A protein smoothie, usually fruit based, and too much espresso.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: bacon, ice cream, pasta Fck pasta, Kill bacon, Marry Ice cream

    What do you wear to bed? I need to wear pants to sleep! I feel so uncomfortable in shorts or anything else for some reason. I have a few different big comfy sweatpants I throw on with an old t-shirt.

    Whose designs do you covet each season? I don’t really follow specific designers, but I like styles that are really girly, but also unique and different.

    Pick one room in the house to live out the rest of your days: Definitely the kitchen, where the food is. My kitchen is open, so our living room is attached. We have food, wine, couches and the TV in there.

    Describe your skincare regimen including any names of products: I have always been really lucky when it comes to my skin. I do get break outs, but they are usually minimal, and pretty rare. I wash my face once in the morning when I shower, and then put on Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizing lotion.

    Name one diet “rule” you break: All of them. I don’t eat super healthy, but I don’t just eat junk food either. I’m somewhere in between.

    What song is on repeat? Anything T-Swift!

    Name one artist you think has been undeniably influential in music: David Bowie

    How do you discover new music or artists? Usually through friends or my husband who produces EDM as a hobby.

    What city has the best nightlife culture and why? When I was younger and really, really into nightlife. I only experienced it in Miami or New York City. I have had a blast in both cities, but right now, at this point in my life, I would have no idea!

    What has been your best career move so far? I don’t really have a “Career” yet. I have a couple of jobs that keep me busy, but I don’t think I have found what most people would call a career or career path. But I will say that I have a great work ethic and I’m very loyal. Wherever I work, whoever I work for, I work hard. Even when I have to do things I can’t stand doing. Sometimes I actually work harder doing things I don’t like because I want to get them done—and done well—so that I don’t have to stress about it anymore. [This is such important advice!!]

    Can you share one tip for anyone looking to get into a similar career as you? Anyone looking to get into the wine business specifically, needs one thing, to love wine. There is so much information about wine and so much to learn. Do your research. You don’t have to know everything—most people don’t—but at least know some of the basics, and be open to a lot more learning in the future.

    Share one invaluable business skill you have: I am a great listener. It is easy for me to figure out what other people are looking for and I can use that to my advantage.

    Tell me about the person who most influenced you growing up: Both of my Grandmothers. My dad’s mom lived in the house in front of mine, and helped raise me. She died young and was sick for most, if not all, of my life. My Grandy (as we called her) taught me the importance of not taking life or myself too seriously. My mom’s mom (Nanny) survived the holocaust at Auschwitz Birkenau, and was a pillar of strength. She was also the most fashionable woman I have ever known. Both of my Grandmother’s taught me to follow my dreams to the ends of the earth, and never give up, and that there is no such thing as failure. When you “fail” at something, it is just a stepping stone to something else.

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? My mom was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, so I do support the ALS Therapy Development Institute. They are dedicated to funding ALS research, which is a huge deal in my world. [Find out how you can get involved with ALSTDI]

    Relationship Status? Newly-ish married.

    You want to impress somebody, what do you do? I do my research! I’m really curious about people, and especially when I first meet someone, I want to know more about them. I also really care about people, so I like to know when people’s Birthdays are, or if there is something I can do to cheer someone up. If I am trying to impress someone, I will find out as much as possible about whatever I’m trying to impress them with, and go from there.

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