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    a conversation with Danielle Sobel

    Full Name: Danielle Sobel danielle-sobel

    Age: 26

    What is your current neighborhood? Austin, Texas

    What city were you born in? New York City

    What do you do for a living? Founder and CEO of Juice Society and Flycatcher Farms

    Social Media Handles: @juicesociety, @daniellesobel, @flycatcherfarms

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything bagel toasted with lox, capers, onions and cream cheese

    Please tell us more about your business: I started Juice Society, an organic raw cold-pressed juice brand, after a long journey with my own personal health issues. It was through juicing and a plant based diet that I healed chronic eczema and migraines and was inspired to help other people discover how plants can be medicine!

    [Get Danielle’s recipe for Maca-Chia Gluten Free Pancakes!]

    What’s your Alma Mater? FIT

    What’s your horoscope sign? Capricorn

    What’s your biggest vice? I rarely ever eat processed foods but sometimes I love random candy.. like Laffy Taffy!

    If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? Ibiza! Its my favorite place on earth.

    Your vacation is coming up soon. Where are you going? India. I haven’t been yet and its on my to-go list.

    Who is your dream travel companion? Andrew Zimmern. We would eat all the weirdest shit!

    Best place for a quick weekend away? Always love Miami!

    What is your favorite city for food in the world? Tel Aviv, Israel

    Do you have a favorite recipe to make? Can you share it with me? I love making quick salads for breakfast because I am always in a rush. I usually do arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, avocado, olive oil and dash of Maldon sea salt with two eggs cooked in coconut oil. I guess thats not much of a recipe but its quick and easy and REAL food!

    You’re being executed. What’s your last meal? Pizza. always pizza

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: chinese food, pizza, burritos: Chinese food, pizza, burritos

    What’s your work uniform? Jeans, black tee, Converse

    What’s the best store (in person or online) to shop in? Reformation

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of furniture I would be______’ A really comfy blanket

    What’s your signature workout move? Savasana.. kidding. Love me some squats.

    Favorite spa treatment? Hydra facials. But I am about to try a vampire facial so I will report back with if it’s my new favorite.

    Name one diet rule you have: It’s all about balance and don’t take food too seriously. It should be fun, enjoyable and real.

    Name an artist people would be surprised to hear that you listen to: Drake.. but I’m not sure if thats a surprise.

    Other than Beyoncé, who has the best music video of all time? Missy Elliot

    It’s Saturday night. If you could go party at any club in the world, which one would it be? Blue Marlin Ibiza.. although I’d prefer to go during the day.

    You want to meet someone for drinks. Where do you take them? Soho House or Hotel St. Cecelia in Austin.

    What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? “NO is a complete sentence.” It really resonates with me as I felt as though I always had to defend my decisions and prove why I was making the right choice. I’m slowly learning I don’t have to constantly do that.

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian.

    How do you think your career/job contributes to the world around you? I really aim to make a difference in every customers life. Whether that be introducing a single juice into their daily routine or inspiring them to try out a plant based lifestyle. Also changing the conversation around health and wellness is important to me. I think we tend to get really attached to a certain diet or way of eating and I think it’s time we relax a bit, promote balance, enjoy our food and connect to what it is that we are consuming.

    Name one thing that will have the greatest impact on our future: What we put in our bodies and how we treat our environment.

    Will you vote in the Presidential Election in 2016? Probs not.

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? Love Charity Water!

    What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? @plantsonpink, @designmilk, @fuckjerry, @thefeedfeed

    Relationship Status? Engaged

    You think sex on the first date is: Whatevs.

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    stevie benanty

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