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    a conversation with Anne-Sophie Tchicot

    Name: Anne-Sophie Tchicot Anne Sophie Tichot

    What is your current neighborhood? Paris [This is our favorite Parisian landmark]

    What city were you born in? Paris

    What do you do for a living? I was an Assistant Community Manager at a global strategic consulting firm but I just quit my job

    [Anne-Sophie is also a world photographer. She’s graciously given us four images from her personal collection that you can download.]

    Social Media Handles: @annetchicot

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything bagel with cream cheese

    What’s your Alma Mater? Université Lille 3 in France

    What’s your horoscope sign? Virgo

    What’s your biggest vice? I drink way too much wine (typical French girl)!

    If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? I would go to Patagonia. I think it’s the most beautiful place on earth and I like the idea of living in a region where you can find mountains, grasslands, pampas, all at the same time.

    Also as a loner, it’s probably the best place to go to, and as a photographer, I know I could shoot the most beautiful landscapes ever. [We rounded up 3 incredible hotels in Patagonia for you to choose from]

    Your vacation is coming up soon. Where are you going? I went to Cambodia and Bali for a month and half during the summer.

    Who is your dream travel companion? Jack Kerouac

    Best place for a quick weekend away? Ibiza [Famed Pacha has a boutique resort here and don’t forget to explore the natural wonders of the island]

    What is your favorite city for food in the world? Paris [Bien sûr! Craving some oysters in Paris? Head here.]

    Do you have a favorite recipe to make? Can you share it with me? I am a terrible cook but the one thing I do well is pasta bolognese. I usually add a bunch of veggies in the sauce like zucchini, mushrooms, red onions, red and green bell peppers. [Have no fear, Nigel Slater’s spaghetti bolognese recipe is here!]

    You’re being executed. What’s your last meal? A bucket of fried chicken with BBQ sauce!

    What’s your work uniform? Usually black jeans with a long sleeved shirt and black shoes. [These black jeans from Frame are a must have]

    What’s the best store (in person or online) to shop in? ASOS

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of furniture I would be______’ a couch.

    What’s your signature workout move? Jumping jack!

    Name an artist people would be surprised to hear that you listen to: Justin Bieber

    Other than Beyoncé, who has the best music video of all time? Lately I’ve been really obsessed with the music video for the song “Her” by Majid Jordan [Watch the music video here]

    It’s Saturday night. If you could go party at any club in the world, which one would it be? Pacha in Ibiza. [It’s easy to understand why, learn more here]

    You want to meet someone for drinks. Where do you take them? Apotheke in Chinatown in New York City [Learn more about this ‘farm to bar’ cocktail lounge]

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A chiropractor.

    How do you think your career/job contributes to the world around you? I am too cynical to believe that my job was doing any good.

    Name one thing that will have the greatest impact on our future: If Donald Trump doesn’t run for president anymore!

    Do you support any non-profits or charities? Be Kind For Real [Learn more about this unique project here]

    What are you favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform?  @silviutolu / @benjames_official [see his beautiful photos here] / @livefolk [check out the folk gallery art account here@andreccarlos / @dhenypatungka

    Relationship Status? single

    You think sex on the first date is: a no no

    Follow Anne-Sophie’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!

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    stevie benanty

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