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    a conversation with Alice Podore Nocco

    Full Name: Alice Podore Nocco Alice Podore_With Color

    Age: 27

    What is your current neighborhood? Homeland, Maryland and Brooklyn, New York

    What city were you born in? Cincinnati, Ohio

    What do you do for a living? Account Executive, US Fashion for Canada Goose

    Social Media Handles: Instagram

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything bagel.

    Please list any business sites or links if applicable: Canada Goose

    Please tell us more about your business: I recently moved back to New York to be an Account Executive for US Fashion for Canada Goose.

    What’s your Alma Mater? Northeastern University

    What’s your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. Family and Stuffing are two of my favorite things.

    What do you think your best trait is? Confidence. My sister and brother taught me that I never needed to seek approval from others.

    You’re treating a special someone to a romantic weekend away. What locale do you go to and what activities are you planning? In the winter, the mountains. Nothing is more romantic than a day of skiing, hitting the jacuzzi, and then sipping wine by a fire. [We agree! Here are the 9 Best Places to Ski around the world!]

    You have one night free in any hotel. Which one do you go to? Atrina Traditional Houses in Oia, Santorini, Greece. [Stay at this hotel on your trip to Athens and Santorini]

    Name one tourist spot you break out your selfie stick for: Most recently… the Acropolis. [Check out our Travel Guide: Athens and Santorini for more!]

    You’re looking at spots for your next vacation. Are you headed to a beach or to a city or to the mountains? City, beach, then countryside. We are spending two weeks in Italy this summer. [How about trying the beaches of Calabria, Italy?]

    What goes into the perfect sandwich? Turkey, peppered salami, provolone, hot pepper spread, mustard.

    Describe the best meal you’ve ever had and with whom: In Argentina, my brother, Dad, Mom, and I all went on what we thought would be a leisurely hike. It ended up taking 6 hours and we were starved and beyond thirsty by the time we got to the top. Luckily, there was a small cabin where they helicopter in food/drinks for hikers. We ate pizza and drank apple juice. Maybe not the fanciest meal but incredibly satisfying. The view and company made it unforgettable.

    What’s your comfort food? Pasta and gravy or anything made by my mama.

    Fuck, Marry, Kill: cheese, sushi, BBQ: Marry all three!

    Fashion-wise, what season do you look forward to most? Fall. Boots, leather, and layers. Enough said. [Combine all three with these over-the-knee boots!]

    What’s one article of clothing you can’t live without? Black leather jacket.

    You’re redecorating your home. What room are you most excited to furnish? Living room. I love mixing antiques with new pieces. [Try these midcentury iron stools for any living space.]

    What beauty or grooming product can you not live without? Proactive. Embarrassing but true—I have acne and its the only product that works with my skin. I have been using it since high school.

    What’s your signature scent? Chloé Eau de Parfum. [Find out what notes are in this perfume here]

    Do you follow a particular diet regimen? Everything in moderation. Life is too short to deprive yourself.

    Name a favorite music artist: Eric Clapton [Listen to “Got To Get Better“]

    What album or mix is on repeat? Adele 25. #basic [Editor’s note: Adele is never basic!]

    Describe the best party you’ve ever been to and why: Happy Hour at Whiskey Rebel on October 7th, 2011. It’s where I met my husband.

    You get to the bar, you immediately order: Vodka soda with a splash of grapefruit.

    What’s your dream job? Jewelry designer.

    Do you have any career ‘mistakes’ you can tell us about and what the upside was? They say to never leave a job before getting another offer. I broke this rule when we moved to Baltimore and had 6 months off. Though it was great to take time off, I learned that I am happier when working and being challenged.

    What was your first job and what do you think it taught you? My first job was an assistant at my Dad’s vascular surgery lab. I was 15 and literally had no idea what I was doing. I learned not to be afraid to ask questions and never wear cheap heals if you’re standing/walking a lot. [Such great advice!]

    If you could teach anything to someone, what would it be? Love yourself and be confident. Embrace what makes you different

    Is there anyone you admire right now who you think is doing great things? Tell me about them! My friend, Megan. She followed her heart a few years ago and left her lucrative finance job, enrolled in culinary school, and then opened a juice bar and vegan restaurant called Rooted Juicery & Kitchen. Her creativity and passion for food amazes me. Her macadamia nut ricotta ‘cheese’ even fooled my Italian, cheese loving, vegan-phobic husband!

    What are you favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform?@rootedjuicery, @goop@infatuation@gemgossip [like gorgeous jewelry? Follow this girl!]@heirloomla [check out this catering company!]

    Relationship Status? Married.

    Any dating deal breakers? Smoking cigarettes

    What’s the best time of day to have sex: Anytime EXCEPT right after eating Chipotle!

    Follow Alice’s profile on a conversation and message her to say hi or inquire about business opportunities!



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