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    Chinese Tuxedo

    Photo: @lizclayman

    Chinese Tuxedo is a modern Chinese restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown, located on the infamous Doyers Street. Doyers Street was affectionately known as the “Bloody Angle” after a series of local gang wars involving opium dens and prostitution in the early 1900s. Two rival gangs co-existed here with the Chinese Opera House serving as neutral territory; that changed on August 7, 1905 when shots rang out in the theater and a bloody years-long Tong war began. Today, Doyers Street is home to many restaurants, shops and now the Chinese Tuxedo. This new two-story restaurant was created in the same historic Opera House and just opened at the end of 2016. The owners wanted to refresh Chinese culture and preserve it for the future, and so far, it has been a major hit with people coming from all over to try the first fine dining Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Prices for these classic banquet dishes range from $3.50 for appetizers to $58 for a 14 oz Bone-in Sirloin Steak with Jiangsu Sauce. Popular dishes include the Duck Salad, Char Siu, Black Bass with Ginger, Tuxedo Dumplings, Tuna Tartare and Johny Fried Rice. Don’t forget to order an imaginative cocktail or a Chinese craft beer. The interiors are elegant but rustic, and have an unmistakable Asian influence.

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    Address: 5 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013
    Phone: 646.895.9301

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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