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    South America

    5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Cartagena, Colombia

    Cartagena has an undeniable presence, colorful architecture, and authentic laid back character.


    The Point of Cape Horn is the southernmost point of land of South America

    Alvear Palace Hotel is Bueno Aires, Argentina's most famous and opulent hotel

    The best way to experience Patagonia in Argentina is by sailing the lakes in Bariloche

    Explora Rapa Nui is set on Easter Island, a remote location off the coast of Chile

    The Ahu Tongariki are huge, mysterious monoliths on Easter Island, Chile

    Pousada Maravilha is a boutique hotel located on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha

    Baía do Sancho is a beach located on an island off the coast of Brazil

    Want to visit Patagonia in Chile? Start here with this hotel selection

    La Solana Boutique is a modern hotel that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean in Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Coralina Island is a hotel located on an archipelago off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia

    Nau Royal is a chic, boutique hotel on Camburi beach in São Sebastião

    Amazoonico is an animal rescue center in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador
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