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    Playa Cala Salada in Ibiza, Spain

    Playa Cala Salada is a popular beach for swimming, boating, and tanning in Ibiza


    The best way to experience Patagonia in Argentina is by sailing the lakes in Bariloche

    Visit the famous Rémy Martin cognac distillery in Cognac, France

    The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is an annual sailing competition in St. Maarten

    Fiesta de San Fermín (Running of the Bulls) is July 7 - 14, 2016 in Pamplona, Spain

    The Buddhist Kiyomizu-dera Temple offers the best views of Kyoto

    High Wire Distilling is Charleston's first distillery after prohibition

    TASCHEN is a boutique bookstore and gallery in Manhattan

    The National Portrait Gallery in London has the world's largest collection of portraits

    Go diving with great white sharks on Guadalupe Island in Baja, Mexico

    Go snorkeling and scuba diving in Nha Trang Bay in Vietnam

    Flower Girl NYC is a boutique flower company in New York City

    Brooklyn Flea is a market for antiques, furniture, and food
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