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    Why Betsy DeVos Is in the News, and Why You Need to Know Her Name

    Betsy DeVos is rolling back campus sexual assault policies as well as student loan protections :(


    Sanitary items were available for previously available for purchase in prison but they were expensive

    One of the biggest political messes in Presidential history.

    Here are the top political headlines of the summer, which need to be on your radar.

    Cory Booker laid out an ambitious plan to make marijuana legal across the country

    Get your popcorn ready, the showdown has begun...!

    The firing of James Comey in timeline form, plus what does it mean for Trump?

    We answer your burning questions about the recent, historic presidential election in France

    Trump's Tax Plan screws his base, but is anyone surprised? Plus Le Pen might be the new French President. Get...

    We're getting dangerously close to conflict with North Korea, plus have Republicans already lost steam? Get the top world headlines...

    Happy 420! Learn all about the current state of marijuana legislation across the USA.

    Find out why Prime Minister Theresa May is now backtracking on calling for a vote in the UK

    Army veteran Jon Frieman writes an op-ed about his transition from military to civilian life
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