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    Carry-On Travel Essentials

    Photo: @nikcanvas via Twenty20

    We know how much our readers love to travel, so we thought it would be helpful if we asked our frequent-flying friends from around the world what they always have with them in their carry-on bags! Safe travels!

    A friend founded Paravel recently and it’s become my go-to for all travel accessories. I love the simplicity, color combinations and quality, and am obsessed with compartmentalizing my things when I travel (partly convenience, partly OCD). I started using an eye mask and my life improved drastically. I can now fully rest and never realized it would make such a difference! I have an eye mask in every pocket of every coat and I also carry one in my bag. I’ve been eyeing this beautiful silk mask from Morgan Lane. Beats Headphones because everyone needs to groove a bit while passing through long airport corridors and block the noises of screaming children on planes! My passport is a gateway to many great memories (and, obviously, the key to accessing foreign lands) so when my mother gifted me a set of personalized passport covers for my birthday, I was very excited. This Biotherm lip balm always comes handy, especially since the skin gets pretty dry while traveling. I got this lingerie bag as a gift from my roommate and realized how much I needed one! Previously used to place my lingerie in all sorts of bags, from random plastic ones to other impractical bags I would take from hotels. I was suffering from daily overpacking and had to split the weight between a handbag and a tote bag, which also led to back problems and lack of hands! That’s when it occurred to me I needed backpack. I got my Foldsack no 1 from Fjellraven New York on a snowy day and it’s proven to be the best daily pal and travel companion.”
    -Ana Sarbu, Technology / Startup, London, Twitter, Instagram

    I always used to get really painful ear pressure during descent on planes. Two years ago, on a short flight from Budapest to Barcelona, I got an awful case of airplane ear that lasted for three weeks! Every since then, I cannot travel without EarPlanes (I have to use the kids size!). I don’t know how I went so long without them, but they’ve totally solved my biggest travel complaint!”
    Bianca Milov, CEO/ Designer Bianca Milov Jewelry, Miami, FL, @biancamilovjewelry

    “100% Lucas’ Papaw Ointment! It’s a cure-all used like Vaseline and recommended by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I put it on for extra moisture during flights—on my lips and under eyes and also to heal cuts and everything else you can dream of.”
    – Justine Benanty, Maritime Archaeologist, Brooklyn, NY, @justinebenanty

    Rituals Qi Stress Relief Serum with Chinese mint and Yi Yi Ren! I put a little on my temples and it is great for when you’re a bit stressed out or tired! Also, goop sunscreen is the only sunscreen I use (and you know with my fair skin I have tried them all!). It’s SPF 50 and so moisturizing and not greasy at all! I buy them in the travel size which is great when you’re not checking luggage.”
    – Lisa Rachel, New York City

    Riley Versa handbags are unique in that the exterior of each bag is an interchangeable cover. This makes Riley Versa the perfect travel companion because a suitcase can only hold so many purses…but there is no limit to how many covers it can hold! Riley Versa’s streamlined approach saves valuable suitcase space and helps you avoid checked luggage fees. And, most importantly, allows you to have the perfect bag to complete your outfit for every event on your travel itinerary!”
    Melissa Urfirer, Founder + CEO of Riley Versa, New York City, @RileyVersa 

    I pass out on planes and I *always* have these: Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, a must for hydration. I buy a water bottle as soon as I’m past security so I don’t have to wait for the steward to bring water on the plane. A plush eyeshade, headphones, fuzzy socks—I always immediately take off my shoes (apparently your feet expand in the air?), a neck pillow (window seat always!), and Xanax because you never know if you need to knock out!”
    -Molly Jensen, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson/Marketing Director Dorothy Jensen Realty, New York, @mj_akosua

    Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers! It’s light but feels cleansing without over-drying. When flying, I usually end up feeling greasy even though my skin is dry. This helps me feel Fresh (HA) again. After using Peter Thomas Roth’s Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask, your skin instantly feels soft, re-hydrated, and totally refreshed. I’m not sure if they sell it in the travel size anymore, but props to the person who smuggles the regular size onto a plane and does a mask mid-flight. I really don’t know what it is about Alaska Bear’s Natural Silk Sleep Mask, but it’s the most comfortable sleep mask. Super helpful when you want to take a nap or when you want to pretend you’re sleeping so no one will bother you. ASOS makes these really awesome oversized blanket scarfs (which my friend and I so affectionately have renamed “Blarfs”) that are perfect for traveling. They come in different colors and materials so depending on the season, I’ll grab a certain blarf over another. Moral of the story is, if you’re ever flying and you see a somewhat greasy girl, wrapped in an oversized scarf, pretending to sleep with an eye mask and pink gel on her face, that’s me.”
    Sara Foster, Coordinator, Paradigm Talent Agency, New York City, InstagramTwitter

    “I travel quite a bit and I really like to have the flight mimic my bedtime routine. I always keep a White + Warren cashmere eye mask in my bag for napping or overnight flights—I have been wearing these for about a decade and cannot sleep without one, plane or not. When I get on the plane, I immediately spread Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask on my face, even it’s a short flight as it will hydrate my skin—and I do not wear makeup at all on a flight. And to keep my hands from drying, I use La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Mains which is super moisturizing. I keep a set of top-quality, fitted earplugs in my bag, left over from my days spent on tour with DJs—you won’t hear a thing with them on, I promise! It’s always a good idea to use a passport cover to protect your most important document—my hubby got me a similar style to this last year.  I also always keep a notebook and pen in my bag so I can work or jot down ideas, no matter the wifi situation. My go-to plane outfit is a midi-length cashmere dress to keep me warm and comfortable; mine is from Equipment but it’s no longer available so you can shop a similar style from Helmut Lang. My husband and I got cashmere blanket and pillow sets as wedding gifts so those always come with us, too. I hate using plane pillows, no thanks!”
    – Stevie Benanty, Founder a conversation, London, @aconversationxo

    “The Weekender Set by Flynn and King. I love these products because they are 100% natural and each batch is created in my hometown, Brooklyn. Inside this travel set is the oil-based cleanser, facial toner, and all-over dry oil. All of these products are oil based but like as I said, 100% natural and they smell delicious. Plus, their marketing and detail in the presentation are on point. I never had problems with my skin until I moved to the dry, elevated climate in Colorado and these products have completely restored my skin. Honestly, I love all of their products (including exfoliators, serums, and lip balm) and are extremely affordable for the quality.
    Vail Rainey, Spanish/ELA teacher with CSTN, Denver, @vailbird

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

    Founder of a conversation.

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