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    Horoscope - Cancer

    Cancer June 21–July 22: Any gift that helps your Cancer feel comfy in their home is sure to be a hit. If you want to aim for a big surprise then get their kitchen or bedroom redone—or maybe just a new appliance and bed set! Their love of the past makes them fond of antiques and the country chic look. Give them a cooking, crafting, or business how-to class. They have a talent for turning a creative idea into an entrepreneurial endeavor. If your crab is feeling er, crabby, these days, then whisk them away for some time by the water. Never one to wander too far from home, a river, a lake or a beach will do. Make it fun to get them to go! Cancer has an appreciation for art, style and design. Present them with an invitation to run away with you. Plan an outdoor hike. Then take them on a journey of sampling the local food and spirits. If you stay overnight just make sure the room matches their home and you are sure to a have a fabulous time!

    Want to take your Crab away to the water? Try out Lake Placid Lodge in Upstate New York or the Hob Knob Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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