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    This is the dinner to splurge on in The Bahamas

    Tell me about the best date you ever went on: My husband and I went to this AMAZING steak house in the Bahamas on our honeymoon and ordered like it was the last meal we would ever eat. We dropped about $600 on dinner for two and practically had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. Eating and drinking anything we wanted without absolutely no f–ks to give was seriously the most fun I’ve ever had on a date, ever. – Sara Foster


    Situated in a verdant patch of Paradise Island—a postcard-perfect 685-acre island in the Bahamas, 6 miles from the capital of Nassau—The Bahamian Club serves up fine gourmet cuisine. The restaurant, surrounded by palm trees and close to a lagoon, welcomes tourists who gather here for fine dining and quality wine. The menu fuses regional Bahamian food like beef tenderloin, lobster tail, rice and peas, and plantains, with international influences; Indian chana masala and New York-style strip steak are perennial favorites. The decor inside is more English stately home than Caribbean clubhouse: model yachts and nautical paraphernalia are emblazoned on the walls, indicative of its marine theme. Part of the Atlantis Paradise Island resort, a contemporary high-rise hotel with 2,317 rooms, diners can take a water taxi, which runs daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, from Nassau to the island for dinner. Travelers can reserve a table by email, within 90 days of travel. 

    Address: The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
    Phone: +1 242 363 3000

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