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    Horoscope - Aquarius

    Aquarius January 20–February 18: You are in love with a forward thinker! Some astrologers believe Aquarius are equipped with the ability to glimpse into the future. Shopping for anything that allows them to be the first with new technology and modern gadgets will have them giggling with delight. A fit body is also important to your lover, so gifting them something that combines their desire for tech with activity will be a hit. They are a cultured bunch who appreciates the arts in a wide variety of forms. Aquarius lives in outer space so plan an unexpected trip to a Planetarium or rooftop campout to snuggle under the stars. Freedom loving and spontaneous, Aquarius will quickly say yes to any spur of the moment travel plans. Exotic locations, languages, and food turn them on. Any gift that has them expanding their horizons and knowledge will have your rainbow-seeking Aquarian smiling.

    stevie benanty

    stevie benanty

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