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    The edit for a global lifestyle.

    a conversation was created when founder Stevie Benanty wanted one place to combine all of her passions—travel, food, fashion, music, business, and talking to people from around the world—as well as be able to share them with the people around her. She didn’t just want the website to be a place where people would read about these new discoveries, she wanted people to experience them, too. Thus, the idea of featuring interviews (or conversations) about these lifestyle topics, came to life. Stevie firmly believes that there’s no better way to experience and learn about the world around us than by hearing personal stories directly from the mouths of our friends and mentors. Through these conversations and stories, we are able to have a more personalized lifestyle experience because we know who is giving the recommendations. There’s no better way to connect with people from all over the world than by our simple interests and tastes.

    Our hope is that you’ll be inspired by the people you see featured on this site and understand that we are not going to them because they are “experts.” Instead, we are listening to their recommendations because everything they discuss here has left a personal mark on their lives and they hope it could leave a mark on yours. Their stories will make us all more connected to the lives we are leading and the lives we aspire to lead. It was also important to Stevie to include narratives on the various businesses or career paths of people featured on this site, so we can all aim to reach our full potential every day and do the jobs that we love.

    All of the conversations have anecdotes on travel, eats, style, health, music, community, business, and horoscopes, and we’ve either written about their exact recommendations or curated our own suggestions just for you. We’re also writing about everything that’s new and trendy in the lifestyle world—there is something for everyone! Everything we take a deeper look into has been vetted to our highest degree for your satisfaction. We hope you enjoy learning about these people from around the world as much as we do, and that you can align yourself with somebody who is like you—or someone who is the opposite!—and begin to curate your new lifestyle!

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