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    Full Name: Stevie Benanty 

    What do you do for a living? Founder of a conversation

    Age: 27

    What is your current neighborhood? London, England

    What city were you born in? New York City

    Social Media Handles: @sbenanty on Instagram / @aconversationxo across all channels

    What is your favorite kind of bagel? Sesame seed, well done!

    How do you think your career/job contributes to the world around you? I want a conversation to connect people all over the world and unite us through our interests and passions. Understanding how people live and what makes them tick is so special. My favorite thing to do is talk to people in new cities (friends, strangers, cab drivers, waiters, etc) and find out how they live their lives and where they come from.I want this to be a glorified version of that. I want people to share their stories and experiences with us.

    What kind of pets do you have? I am the proud mama of two orange kitties named Hicks and Joralemon, who are the light of my life. Follow them on Instagram!

    What do you think your best trait is? My self confidence and empathy.

    You’re treating a special someone to a romantic weekend away. What locale do you go to and what activities are you planning? Now that I am living in London, I will have to say any romantic weekend available will be spent in PARIS!! Is there anything better than being a train ride away from the most wonderful city on earth? Get my Paris Travel Guide!

    If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? This is a very simple question because I just packed up and moved abroad to London! After being a lifelong New Yorker, it was time for me to explore a new continent and London is the perfect base for that. Read all about the decision!

    Fill in the blank: On vacation you will undoubtedly find me: Eating as much local food as possible and talking to as many local people as possible!

    Best place for a quick weekend away? Easy! St. Barth although now that I live in Europe I might have to stay closer to home, perhaps Switzerland. Get my St. Barth Travel Guide.

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of food I would be: Parmesan cheese.’

    Fuck, marry, kill: tahini, hummus, baba ghanoushFuck tahini, marry hummus, kill baba. Hard one, huh?

    What goes into the perfect sandwich? A ciabatta sandwich with leftover roast chicken from the night before. I do my roast chickens naked—get the recipe. Plus a dab of dijon mustard, arugula, slices of tomato, olive oil, red wine vinegar and we are good to go!

    Describe a memorable meal: Over the summer, my husband and I (and our two cats) drove from the South of France through Spain and over to Portugal. We stopped for a night in a small town called Cáceres, a city in the western region of Extremadura. Not to mince words, but the town was absolutely awful—until you made it up to the tiny historic portion (which our car barely fit through). We primarily chose Atrio Hotel and Restaurant because it was on the way and they allowed pets, but boy, were we in for the surprise of a lifetime. Not only is the hotel the modern, sleek hotel of my dreams, but the restaurant is two-Michelin star! Sometimes meals like that can be long and dull, but Atrio was truly the most delicious and exciting meal I’ve ever had in my life—all twelve courses. If you are ever remotely in town, make the trip. You’ll never forget it. Read more about Atrio Hotel and Restaurant.

    Do you have a favorite recipe to make? I am lamb chop girl all the way and I recently discovered Parmesan Lamb Chops, which were like heaven on a plate. I’m also a huge vegetable soup girl. See this Leek and Turnip one, this Garlic one, or this Broccoli and Arugula one.

    What’s one article of clothing you can’t live without? My Thom Browne blue sunglasses above everything else, always. Next would be my black Thom Browne sunglasses. Followed by my everyday Saint Laurent tote.

    Signature scent? For day, I wear Aerin’s “Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum.” For night my perfume is Chloé “Roses de Chloé.”

    Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of furniture I would be: A wooden dining room table.’ 

    What album or mix is on repeat? Any the a convo tunes mixes that wonderful DJs have done for us!

    What city has the best nightlife culture and why? For this, you simply can’t beat New York City, although I am excited to see what London has to offer. Barcelona also has a great vibe.

    What’s your dream job? Exactly what I’m doing: being in control of my own life and schedule and being have this platform be an extension of my mind. But there are lots of plans for the near future so stayed tuned!

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A mogul.

    Can you share one tip for anyone looking to get into a similar career as you? Know as many aspects to your business as possible. I’m able to combine so many interests of mine with a conversation (food, music, fashion, travel) because I worked in so many of those fields so I gained the knowledge and skills. 

    Who are your influences: Everybody around me. Of course I have specific people in mind, but EVERYBODY influences me. My favorite thing is to just observe people and listen to them speak about their lives. I am constantly gaining knowledge of the world around me by doing that. People and their stories have always inspired me.

    You want to impress somebody, what do you do? Put on leather pants and a sassy attitude!

    Tell me about the best date you ever went on: My husband and I got secretly married at City Hall in Brooklyn about a month before our actual wedding. Only our immediate family knew and our dear friend (who was also our wedding officiant) came to be our witness. Afterwards, we went to get our dry cleaning, did some work at home, and headed into the city for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Il Mulino. We had the most decadent meal as new husband and wife, right in the middle of the day—and no one knew why but us!

    You think sex on the first date is: Totally awesome if that’s what you feel in your heart, mind, and body.

    Stevie Benanty is the epitome of the next-generation, entrepreneurial, creative, power woman. Born and raised in New York City and educated at The George Washington University in Washington DC, Stevie always took advantage of career opportunities. Her multidimensional portfolio includes experience in the Fashion, Entertainment, Nightlife, Technology, Non-Profit, Artist Management, Digital Marketing, and Lifestyle sectors. Notable titles include Digital Marketing Manager for Complete Control Management (Tiësto, Dada Life, A-Trak, and more); Marketing Manager for Verboten, an underground dance club in Brooklyn; Artist Manager for British DJ, Tom Flynn; and Founder of Stevie & Pierre, a social media management company. Her vast experience is the catalyst for founding a conversation, an innovative online venue for creatives and professionals to share their personal stories and lifestyle habits. Stevie lives in London with her husband and two orange kitties.

    Follow my profile on a conversation and message me to say hi or start a dialogue!

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