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    5 Spots Travel Couples Must Go To In Coron, Philippines

    Guide provided by Jin Chu-Ferrer

    It’s no secret that the top beaches in The Philippines, particularly El Nido and Borocay, are famed for their pristine beauty. But with fame comes mass tourism, overdevelopment and overpriced rates. Want to go to a place that is still off-the-beaten-path with small village vibes and promises of leisurely adventure? Want a place that you can enjoy with your significant other without breaking the bank or fighting through throngs of crowds? Then opt for Coron. Here are 5 spots you must visit with your beau:

    Island Hopping

    Photo: Jin Chu-Ferrer

    The only way to chill on white beaches and snorkel through clear blue waters is through a boat tour. There are a variety of packages to choose from and you can sample as many islands as you like. Bulog Dos, Banana Island, Malcapuya Island, etc. Most tours are generally priced the same, but do go through your hostel/hotel or a reputable company. A private boat tour is recommended for more privacy, although slightly more expensive. You’ll find a good amount of tourists who are also island-hopping, but definitely not too crazy crowded to impose on your alone time with each other.

    Kayangan Lake

    Photo: Jin Chu-Ferrer

    One of the jewels of Coron. It takes a bit of effort to reach this main attraction. Accessible through boat tour or, preferably, by private boat. Followed by a 150-step climb up a mountain, then another 150-step climb down. But it’s worth it! A large inlet of crystal clear turquoise water nestled within the limestone walls awaits you! Recommend visiting really early. Not only will you two be the first ones to snorkel around and enjoy Kayangan Lake in peace, but you’ll also be the only ones there for a good hour before the influx of tourists arrive.

    Twin Lagoon

    Photo: Jin Chu-Ferrer

    The other jewel of Coron. Also accessible by boat or private tour. The two lagoons (filled with unbelievably clear water) are separated by karst walls, but during low tide is when one can swim underneath the wall to access both. Come really early as this is a popular spot for many boats to dock and have lunch at. Or come later in the day, after the crowd has died down. That way, you two will have the hole under the karst wall to enjoy at leisure and make multiple swimming passes with ease.

    Mount Tapyas

    Photo: Jin Chu-Ferrer

    The climb up for the breathtaking panoramic views of Coron is a daunting 700+ steps. But it is the absolute best spot for romantic sunset views! Yes! Totally worth it! Once on top, go past the crowds and head to the other side of the mountain. Follow the dirt path. It will shortly lead to an expanse of grassy rolling hills. Keep following the dirt path, past the gazebo, until you two can see the horizon. Here, it will feel like you are the only ones in the whole wide world, despite a large tourist crowd only moments away—hidden on the other side of the mountain!

    Maquinit Hot Spring

    Photo: Jin Chu-Ferrer

    Being one of a few saltwater hot springs in the world, surely this deserves a visit. Due to extremely high water temperatures, most people avoid it during the day, and usually only go after a sunset trek up Mount Tapyas or an all day boat tour. To avoid the crowds and fully enjoy the surrounding nature scenes, come two hours before sunset. Also take into account that it will take some time to get here. It is a 20-30 minute tricycle ride, partially through bumpy dirt roads. So the earlier, the better to enjoy more quiet couple time!

    Jin Chu-Ferrer is a Travel and Lifestyle Photographer who has traveled to over 50 countries in the past 10 years. Her work appears in The HuffPost, Refinery29 and Roam Magazine; and she often collaborates with Eastpak and Parabo Press. Jin is currently traveling the world for a year with her Instahusband. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and read her blog

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